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The mystery of finding your soul purpose.

How do you find your soul purpose? In the last year, this topic became really close to my heart as I’ve been slowly unveiling and stepping into my purpose. And this article is a culmination of my personal findings on the subject which I've written to help you find yours.

I see a lot of people going through life without knowing their soul purpose. And let me tell you this. Life can feel quite hard and empty, as if something is always missing, when we don’t know our soul purpose. 

How can you get in the flow when you don’t know which things are aligned with you? Or which work will bring you fulfillment and meaning? Or what you need to do and how you need be to feel in tune with your soul? And when you’re not in the flow and not aligned, life can feel like an endless battle. Deviating from our deepest essential self, our Truth, and our highest goals will always bring some kind of suffering. The question is, how much suffering can you take before you decide that something has to change?

I hope for your sake that you'll get back on track sooner than later!

Observing others is a secret hobby of mine. So I love spending time on social media. And I see a lot of people who feel that they need to know why they came here. They see how important it is to find your soul purpose, but they can’t seem to figure out what it is for them. And they feel quite lost and discouraged. Sometimes, even ending up thinking that they have no purpose at all. 

But that’s absolutely not true! Everyone has their unique purpose. And honestly, it’s not that hard to find. 
If you know where and how to look! Unfortunately, that's where a lot of people really struggle.

Have you ever tried meditating hoping that your soul purpose will reveal itself to you? And when this didn’t get you anywhere, did you feel disappointed and maybe even more lost than before? There’s an explanation for this. Meditation is a great way to get answers from your Higher Self. But only when you’re ready. And when you did some internal cleaning work first to make sure that nothing is blocking your communication with your soul.

So if you’re a sensitive soul who wants to find your soul purpose and have a fulfilling meaningful and abundant life aligned with it, this article is for you. I’ll help you understand why you haven’t been able to figure out your purpose so far. And I’ll share with you 5 crucial shifts you need to make in order to finally see clearly what your soul purpose is.  

Can I let you in on a secret?

The key to unlocking the door to your soul purpose is not hidden somewhere in the world. The key is YOU. You know deep inside what it is. Because it’s your true self, your soul that chose before you reincarnated on Earth what purpose you will accomplish in this life. It knows what you came here for. So to find your soul purpose and start living in the flow, all you need to do is remember who you truly are, and realign with it. And when you’re in alignment and you know your purpose, it brings clarity to every choice you need to make, integrity to all the aspects of your life and a delightful sense of flow.

Disconnection from your truth is the main and I’d say the only reason holding so many people back from finding their soul purpose. You might say (as so many people do) that money or the lack of time is holding you back from finding it. But it’s simply an excuse for not wanting to go deeper inside yourself. Because going deeper can bring unwanted memories and wounds up to the surface. And they will be painful, but absolutely necessary, to deal with. So it’s not the lack of money or time because your purpose has nothing to do with it. It’s simply the fact that you forgot who you are and until you remember that, you won’t be able to see it.

Now, what does that all mean and how do you actually do that, right?

First things first, let’s get clear on who your true self is. Your true self, or higher self (depending on how you call it) is the eternal powerful creative consciousness. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. It knows everything about you, all of you, from all the lives that you’ve already lived. And it projects a part of itself into you every time you live a new life. That’s why your physical self always contains in it your higher self and can’t exist without it. It is also a consciousness which is inseparable from the Source Energy (or God, Universe).

Reconnection and Alignment with your true self happens when you start resonating at the same vibrational frequency as your higher self and the source. And that happens when you think thoughts in line with your higher self. This includes the thoughts you hold about yourself, your capacities, what’s possible, the people around you and the world in general. 

Your Higher self is a pure being filled with wisdom, kindness, love, joy, empathy, abundance and has limitless powers of creation.

It doesn’t know judgement, or self-criticism, or lack. And as you think thoughts that are aligned with that, you feel good, you feel positive. But the second you notice that you don’t feel good, it means you’re not in alignment anymore because you drop into thoughts that are negative. We’re actually always pulled towards the alignment with the source and we feel resistance and negativity when we’re not.

But as we grow older, learn various rules and how to comply with them, what we can do, what we can’t do. As we absorb beliefs from our family, authority figures or society we live in, which are very often outdated and not very useful, we disconnect from who we truly are. Although this connection is never fully broken, so many layers of conditioning cover it, that we simply can’t feel it anymore. And we start feeling lost and powerless.

To restore that connection and come back to your true self, you need to break through those layers, unlearn things that are not the truth of who you are (like « I’m not enough » « I’m powerless » or « I’m stupid » « I don’t deserve love » « I can never get what I want » to give you just a few examples). And start feeling good again. And when you’re fully connected to your higher self, uncovering your purpose will be inevitable and easy.

As our thoughts are influenced by what we believe, that’s where you’d need to start making your inner changes.

Here are the 5 shifts you need to make to find your soul purpose.

Shift Number 1: From self-criticism to self-love and self-compassion

This is one of the most important shifts to make because everything starts with love. When you love yourself, you give yourself time and space to listen to your desires. And you know what you need to do to feel happy from within. Because that’s where you find happiness. Nothing outside you can give it to you.

But when you don’t love yourself, when you’re not compassionate towards yourself and you criticise yourself instead, things get messy. You beat yourself up for every single thing that doesn’t go well in your life. You take on too much responsibility for things that are not yours to be responsible for. And when you can’t control the outcome, you give away your own power by saying: « I’m stupid » « I don’t deserve to have what I want in my life » « Well, I’m just not smart enough » « I’m worthless » « I can’t help anyone ».

You don’t allow yourself to be a human being with all the beautiful imperfection. 

And, as a result, you start punishing yourself, ignoring your needs and desires, feeling useless and unworthy of love. Feeling that whatever you do, it doesn’t make any difference. That’s when you start firmly believing: « I’m not enough ». And eventually, you withdraw yourself from the world. And once you’re withdrawn into your darkness, you definitely can’t be your true self and shine your light. 

So stop doing this. Move from criticism to love. Recognise that critical voice inside your head and understand, that this is not the true you. This is a distorted version of you that really suffers. Have a chat with this voice to see why exactly it’s telling you those nasty things. Have compassion towards it and then release it or heal what needs to be healed. And then replace it with a loving and caring conversation with yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a child, your best friend, your pet or your loved one and feel the difference. And with that, love will start flowing into your life and will start opening your heart to welcome the true you.

Shift Number 2: From believing you’re ordinary to believing you’re uniquely gifted

That one is big. And if you believe that, it's no surprise you couldn't find your soul purpose so far. Because if you believe you have nothing special and you have nothing to give to the world, you definitely won’t be giving anything. And our soul purpose is all about giving our talents away for the greater good of humanity.

But the truth is that none of us is ordinary. We all have something special that sets us apart from other people. And you need to recognise that, even if you don’t know yet how you’re special. In fact, before you came to this earth, the moment when your soul was choosing the purpose you’ll accomplish in this life, it asked the source to give you a set of talents that would help you to do it. So they have been within you from the moment you’re born. 

So recognise that you have something special in you and then go on a personal quest to find what it is with an open and curious mind and heart.

Many people don’t really understand what talents or gifts are. I myself didn’t have a good definition and understanding of that until I became a coach and plunged into this subject. So I’ll help you out here.

Your gift or talent is anything you do better than other things in your life and also a bit better that some people in your world.

Meaning that if you’re a better musician than singer, then your gift is music. If you’re better in organising things than being spontaneous, then you have a gift of organising. If languages come easier to you than math, then you have a talent for languages. Or if someone tells you, that you’re really good at something, that’s your gift too. It’s that easy. It doesn't need to be a huge thing like being a virtuoso musician or painting people so well that they look alive in your painting. Your talents are composed of a lot of small things that make you one of a kind.

So set yourself on this quest of finding those little things about yourself and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll find. And once you do, you’ll feel so much more connected to your true self. And so much closer to seeing your soul purpose.

Shift Number 3: From others to self

It might seem weird and counter-intuitive but here’s what I mean by that. I know that many parents raise their children with the notion that being selfish is bad. That we always need to put others first, that we need to give more often than ask. We need to be a good person and follow the rules to not offend others. But what happens when you do this? As a result, you forget to honour your own desires. You become dependent on other people’s reactions and opinions. Pleasing everyone becomes a habit. You seek external validation and stop trusting your own point of view. And you simply lose yourself in the life of other people so you can’t live your life the way you’re supposed to be living it.

We obviously don’t develop in the vacuum. We always have people around. Your soul purpose, once you find it, will be intricately connected to others in this world. When you follow your purpose, you’ll 100% do some greater good and serve humanity one way or another. But you can’t get there if you don’t allow yourself to be happy and whole first. If you don’t allow yourself to listen to your feelings and your desires.

So to make that shift, here's what you need to remember.
  • fill your own cup before you can give from it. 

  • Realise that what is good or true for other people is not necessarily good or true for you

  • Stop looking approval from the outside and listen to what feels right for you.

  • Give yourself permission to do what’s best for you because eventually, it will be for the greater good of humanity.

Find your happiness within and then allow it to overflow and spread into the world.

find your soul purpose

Shift Number 4: From mind to heart

We live in an era where our mind is much more praised than our heart. There’s this wonderful quote by Albert Einstein that says:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” 

And I find it to be so true! We trust our rational mind much more. Although the truth is that the mind is ruled by our ego which is rooted in fear and doubt. So it rarely knows what’s right or best for you. It stores all kind of beliefs you’ve picked up along the way, good or bad. And it keeps reflecting them back to you. It keeps playing outdated destructive records over and over and directing your life further and further away from your true path.

Your heart, on the other hand, is always pure. It doesn’t change. It can close due to hardships you experience, or the wounds you bear. But it still stays pure and it knows what’s best for you. You just need to reopen it if you feel that it closed. Being connected to your heart allows you to connect to your intuition. Which is a direct way of how your higher self communicates with you. And that’s where you can tap into your own eternal wisdom.

Overthinking is a real plague these days that causes stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, decision paralysis. And it really comes from being fully disconnected from our heart desires.

So you need to consciously make that shift inside you – live less from your head and more from your heart.  Whatever decision you need to make in life, whatever choice you’re confronted with, hear the rational explanations your mind is giving you about it first. And then ask what your heart feels about their validity. Drop into your body more often to feel what’s truly happening because your feelings never lie. And your heart is one of the biggest energy centers in your body that allows a tremendous amount of energy to pass through and to go directly to the source. And your feelings are the best indication of alignment or misalignment with your higher self and the source. So allow yourself to connect to them and let them guide you.

Shift Number 5: From the outside world to your inner world

Here it all comes back to recognising what truly matters to you as a person. You can look around you in the world and see that a lot of people are striving for big houses, fancy cars, being married with 2 kids by the age of 30 or occupying highly paid positions in some prestigious firms. And you might start thinking: « Oh, that’s what I need to go after as well because that’s the norm, that’s the golden standard ». That’s what is truly important ». And that’s exactly how you find yourself stuck in somebody else's life. Working in a job you hate, having relationships where you’re unhappy or always feeling a lack because someone has something you don’t have.

When you live your life by constantly reflecting everything that happens in the world around you, and especially comparing yourself with others, you lose your authentic way. 

We are all different so there’s no way in the world that exactly the same things can make us all happy.

That’s why it’s so important to shift from external standards of what happiness, fulfilment or success mean to your own inner standards. And, of course, trust your inner guidance system. By looking inward and asking yourself « what really matters to me ? », you’ll finally be able to get truly unaltered answers. That’s also where meditation becomes truly beneficial. And once you know the answers from your inner guidance system, you can start aligning your life with your personal values. And that will lead you to connect even more to the core of who you are, to your inherent truth, to your higher self.

And once you do, you’ll see your purpose clearly as day.

find your soul purpose

So these are the 5 shifts that I believe need to happen inside you to help you re-connect to your higher self. And by doing so, you’ll find your self purpose, start living in the flow and doing what you love. As you can see, they all come from within. They all start with you honouring yourself and your truth. When you change the world within you, you’ll be able to step into the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. And you’ll start changing the world outside you. And that’s how you’ll be fulfilling your soul purpose.

Which shifts do you feel you need to make right now? Please share in comments!

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been consciously working on making these shifts myself and now feel that I’ve fully stepped into my purpose of making this world a more positive place and helping people heal and find their true path. That’s what I live and breathe for. And I can feel how much easier it is to live fully connected to your truth, to your purpose and being in the flow.

I’m working with people all the time on healing, bringing yourself into alignment, releasing limiting beliefs, finding your soul purpose, making the shifts happen and changing your life for good. And if you want the same for yourself, all you need to do is decide that you want to do it and commit to your happiness. And if you are ready for it, I invite to discover my amazing online course Magic&Purpose.

In it, I gently guide you through the process of self-exploration to know who you are, remember your purpose, own your magic and choose a business fully aligned with your soul. So that you can start making an impact and income doing what you love!

Take action for yourself because your precious life is so worth it!

Much love, healing and support,


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