12-week online program to help you know who you are, remember your purpose, own your magic and choose a business fully aligned with your soul.  So that you can start making an impact and income doing what you love!

Hello, beautiful soul!

When you know who you are.

When you're deeply connected to your intuition.

When you live from what matters to you and makes you come alive.

When you know your purpose and step into a state of your personal power and deep service to humanity.

Your whole life transforms!

You feel intentional and every decision is made with ease and flow because you're guided by your soul.
You attract abundance on every level.
You create beautiful loving and supportive relationships.
You do your soul work and change lives every day.
You make money using your beautiful gifts, being fully YOU.
When you know who you are and why you're here, there's no more need to hide, struggle or try to please people.
You have zero desire to fit into the mold.
You know you're here to stand out and make an impact with your personal magic coursing through your veins.
And you're ready to show the world all that you're capable of!

It all starts with you owning your magic and deciding you're ready to step up and serve this world in a way only you can!

And that's what "Magic&Purpose" is about!

In this 12-week online program, I'll help you remember who you are and why you're here and choose a business fully aligned with your soul.

In this beautiful container, you will:

  • know who you are and change your relationship with yourself forever.
  • remember your gifts and activate your magic
  • get amazingly confident in what you're capable of.
  • connect to your intuition and trust yourself fully so that you can always be guided from within.
  • remember your unique beautiful purpose.
  • step into your power and believe in yourself like never before.
  • lean into your passions and desires to give this world what you're here to give
  • activate your personal abundance blueprint
  • choose a business fully aligned with your soul.
  • and so much more!

Hello, I'm Maria, your host for this incredibly powerful journey!

I'm a Starseed, Druid, Spiritual Warrior, Soul Guide and Holistic Healer.

And I know firsthand how knowing and owning who you are and remembering your purpose can change your life. And how it can help you to finally start doing the work you came here to do and earn money being 100% YOU!

I know how hard and frustrating it is to have a business that's not aligned with your soul purpose (because I've had one for 3 years). And how things shift almost immediately when you allow yourself to be YOU and step into your true mission no matter how crazy it might seem!

And that is my goal for this beautiful program - help you reveal and own your magic and create out of it a tangible business that will help you make lots of money and serve humanity in your unique way! 

By the end of this program, you'll be fully anchored in your soul purpose and you'll be ready to start doing what you've come here to do!

This program is fully recorded and available for you to watch at any time!

You'll get 15 sessions in total combining trainings, coaching, healing sessions and guided journeys + additional Q&A sessions! Everything you need to support you on this transformational journey in the most powerful way! 

Are you ready to remember everything that you are and fully own your magic?

You're here to make an impact and live a truly abundant life by being YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF!

You're here to DO YOUR SOUL WORK.

You're here to experience joy, peace, excitement and freedom. 

And it all starts with you allowing yourself to fully own YOUR MAGIC and step into your PURPOSE!

Trust your soul! It will never lead you astray!

If that resonates with, book your spot below and let's go on this journey together!

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2-time payment

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1-month interval

3-time payment

EUR 290

3 payments within a

2-month interval

For longer payment plans, please reach out to me at [email protected] 

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