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I was lost in which direction I would like to go when it comes to my carrier. I also knew that there were some thought patterns and habits that I needed to change to be able to be happy in my life. I felt a good connection with Maria and that she could help me move forward and find my way. Before we started, I was afraid whether this would work, and what the outcome would be after the coaching sessions. Not really afraid of the change, but what the change would bring.
Our work together gave me greater self-confidence and brought out my strengths. I believe in myself much more than before. I also understood the limitations I had and learned to be in charge of my life and started to make small changes.
Now I have a new job. With Maria’s help, I also came to the conclusion that I want to continue my studies within psychology and hopefully work with it in the future. I am more self-aware, do not let stupid things stress me, I am less bitter and cut out negative people and energy in a good way. I learned to be balanced, believe in myself and celebrate every single little step forward. Thank you again for everything!


For many years I was trying to combine 2 jobs: stable job in finances during the week and in beloved job beauty sector on weekends. However, I felt that this way I am successful in none of the jobs, I hated my work in the office and myself for not being brave enough to quit and switch to beauty sector entirely. I needed somebody to help and at that point, I was introduced to Maria.Now I can say that it was a life-changing meeting. After 3 personal and 1 Skype session with Maria, I handled my doubts and fears, made a plan and decided to quit a work in finances. Now I am happy to be the person who loves what she does, working entirely in beauty sector, constantly developing, planning my own schedule and finally feeling myself the owner of my own life. I am endlessly thankful to Maria and highly recommend her as a very professional and inspiring coach.


Maria is a very positive person and a wonderful coach! As from our very first meeting she made me feel more confident and she made me realize what I have always wanted to do and achieve in my life. The coaching sessions gave me the strength, the motivation and tools to explore the possibility of creating my own business (which I finally managed to do:) ) and the belief that I can make it work. I am grateful for Maria for all the energy and massive help she gave me, she changed my life! Thank you!!!


Maria is not just AMAZING COACH helping you to find the right career, but she's also giving you the tools to reconnect with yourself and find your values. The sessions give you lots of positive energy and help to get rid of your fears. I guarantee, that you will have a real mind shift and you will become a new YOURSELF. So don't hesitate to work with Maria if you are ready for a better life.


At the beginning, I was skeptical about joining the program because it was a big challenge and a commitment of personal effort, time and money. But I was really desperate and frustrated because my wrong career affected all the aspects of my life and my negativity made everything go wrong. Maria's approach was very professional and very well structured and organised so I told myself I NEED to do it! And I don't regret it for a minute!With Maria's help, I've become much more confident, tried many things out of my comfort zone, done research, found the ideal profession and planned the steps to take in order to make it a reality. Today I feel calm, very positive and motivated to pursue my new career.


Thank you so much, Maria! Your sessions have filled me up with energy and motivation! Even in the mornings I have started waking up before the alarm clock... and I haven't quit my job yet! But imagining all my possibilities is just thrilling!
We did NPL during the sessions to release the fears that my parents have implanted in me, to unleash my full potential by modifying my negative believes with positive ones. We have gone deep inside to accept myself as I am and to uncover my five top core values. Super valuable information to keep being the best version of myself! Maria's coaching sessions will not only help you understand where your true path lies, but also to improve your life in an unimaginable way.
Moreover during the sessions I always felt like talking to a friend, super comfortable, confident and relaxed.
I am now looking for reasons to start new coaching sessions with her! That's how good she is 🙂
Thank you again a million times! Love, Eu.


Before working with Maria, I wanted to control everything to feel safe, to know everything in advance to mitigate for any and every risk to feel like I've got it covered - obviously a 'beautiful' illusion I lived under the influence of.

Over the months with spent together with Maria, I grew my wings little by little by uncovering and seeing how I was stopping myself and releasing those patterns that caused it. I have been learning to trust my intuition, find my voice to express myself, allow myself to try and take risks. I'm now in the process of flying back to the powerful and confident being aligned with the universe I truly am. I'm committed to be present in every part of life the 'good' and the 'bad', taking each day as an opportunity to reach further and discover something new while also being gentle with myself and honoring when I need to slow down. I saw many of my old limiting patterns of thinking shift and, in most situations, I've freed myself to be myself, unapologetically.


It all started with what sounded like a fun 5-Day challenge, but soon something resonated inside me and I knew I had to go through the end despite it would mean very little sleep! After that, Maria and I connected for an introductory session and despite my skepticism about finding a new path within the next couples of months, I decided to believe in the process and in Maria to guide me through it ... and what a journey it has been so far! Not only I know myself like never before, I know in which direction I want to go but my whole vision of life changed!
Maria is really my first true guide and I know I can reach out to her whenever I need it. Onboarding with Maria’s program is just the beginning of a new chapter where new beginnings and new possibles emerge to the surface. I know the road will still be long and sometimes bumpy but what a road and how much we already achieved so far!


My Unstuck Yourself session with Maria.
Let me tell you about it. Maria is a compassionate and intuitive young woman with multiple healing gifts to offer. Maria and I were able to create awareness with an issue I have carried within me for a long time. In my body and spirit, it felt like being constricted - as if I had ropes around me and I was trapped. For me, it seemed as if this was the outside world doing this to me and all I could do was respond. In Maria's and my conversation, this limitation started to change from victimization to empowerment. By the end of our session, it was like the ropes fell away and my energy expanded. It feels so much better knowing my unconscious assumption that created this limiting belief about myself. Now I can begin to put out new energies to begin creating my desired situation. If you would to engage a talented, compassionate young woman on your journey, connect with Maria.


So last night I had the honour of having a session with Maria. Her kindness and honesty allowed me the space to open up and be me. I loved the process and the thoughts it all conjured up. I know I have work to do. I know there are blocks but I have a place to start now and an understanding of where it all comes from. A long journey ahead but thank you Maria for your time and sharing your gift with me. You gave me lots to think about and I know the layers need to unravel. Blessed to have you in my life


I recently had an Unstuck Yourself session with Maria. Having never done this kind of a session before, I was curious, so I signed up. The session was supposed to be one hour but it went well beyond the hour. Maria knew she was on to something and because she took the necessary time to dig deeper, we had a breakthrough...there were tears, many and much needed tears! But it was worth it because she helped me to identify some potential blocks that may be hindering me from the kind of life I desired, deep down inside, but I was sabotaging it without even knowing I was doing that. With some needed soul healing, I am very hopeful for a more fulfilling future.
If you are feeling like something is blocking you from a better life, but you need someone to help you uncover those blocks, I would recommend that you book a time with Maria. I am glad I did!


In the Quantum Healing Session Maria Katolikova lead me towards my own truth.
And once I saw my truth, everything else dissipated as an illusion.
False Beliefs through which I limited myself for decades, fell apart in less than a minute.
Forget writing pages of affirmations for weeks in a row.
While I was in the truth of my Being, she guided me to REINSTATE beliefs in accordance with the truth of my Being.
We started with a couple of events from my past that were still active in me and my present reality. From the beginning of the sessions we prepared questions. She coached me and guided me to state my questions and my intention in ways aligned with my Highest Good and Divine Purpose.
Guided by her, I reached the Quantum-field state. I felt safe all along with her by " my side". We asked the questions and the answers start coming, as a knowing, through senses. In that unique blessed state, once you feel and you know love in its purest form, the truth itself, all the fear-based patterns fall apart.
Before the session, those fears were always with me.
There is more than 1 week since the session and I realise that:
- the fears didn't return,
- when I think about the same events from my past I am more relaxed, in acceptance, at peace.
- my confidence is higher
I feel almost like I'm a different version of myself, one with a better sense of humor . I noticed a better connection with people. I felt safe to open my heart more and this by itself would be enough to highly recommend Maria Katolikova's Quantum Healing Sessions.
Thank you Maria ???


I have just engaged in Maria's Quantum Healing session. I was able to heal anger patterns and even discover their source and live a life where my vibration will always stay high because I have healed the trauma.
I am able to integrate my new intention of unconditionally loving myself thereby being able to unconditionally love everyone else on the planet.
I come as a starseed to spread peace and healing because I am peace. I feel lighter because I deeply forgave myself for some past choices that have blocked my happiness all my life.
I am a new person. Maria is helping me become the person I was born to be. I am able to cut away the social and family conditioning instilled from me since childhood and discover who I truly am. I wasn’t sure I was worth even working on but I took a leap of faith and my life is becoming more and more real and beautiful!

If you desire deep cellular healing that changes your whole self and brings you back to who you truly are then take the plunge and jump in!
You are so worth it!


???Shout out to Maria for her amazing course she created, Ascend!
I LOVED showing up everyday for it. It helped me acknowledge things I was struggling with and helped me get more in tune with my personal self.
Gotta say as well, I was a fan of the breath work; first timer! ?? ~ I had a headache and was dealing with stress before hand. After experiencing the breath work, it all went away!?
Also loved everything else that was offered & how Maria made sure you were taken care of, answered all your questions and concerns.
It was a great program! I didn’t want it to end, and I am looking forward to many more!?❤️
Thank you Maria!! Grateful for it all?

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