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When insomnia knocks at your door...

Have you ever had one of those nights when, no matter what you do, you just can't fall asleep because your mind can't calm down? Back in time, when I was still working in my soul-sucking corporate job and lived with a sense of restlessness and stress all day every day, going to bed was not far from a nightmare. I still remember all those times when I was so exhausted that i just wanted to fall in bed and sleep. But, alas! My mind had other plans and insomnia was my daily experience.


It would take me hours to fall asleep. I'd lie there, staring into the ceiling, with my heart pounding and my chest burning and ready to explode. And my mind would recount all the things I did or didn't, bring to the surface all my fears, anxieties and regrets, remind me about how much of a failure I was and how my parents were super worried that I wasn't living my best life. Sometimes, my mind would just swirl so fast that I didn't even know what exactly I was thinking about. I just knew I could't stop thinking.

So I'd toss and turn, count those famous sheeps, cry in despair and pray for the sleep to finally come.

Needless to say I'd wake up in the morning feeling and looking as if a train hit me and dragged me on the rails for kilometres.

Back then, I was too busy to ask questions about why I had insomnia (or so I thought). I knew of course that stress was a factor but I couldn't see how to reduce it and eventually, eliminate it from my life. It seemed like the stress was there to stay.

But I did spent some time looking for small solutions to my problem. And I found little tricks that could help me deal with this that I'd like to share with you today.

They are not eliminating the root of the problem, but they could be a good starting point for you to recover your sleep and with it, your strength. And then, if you wish, to go deeper and look for the truth.

So if you struggle with insomnia because your mind is racing when it's time to sleep, incorporate into your bedtime routine these little things and see if it makes a difference for you.

Because I can guarantee that it will.

5 Tips to slow down your mind and fall asleep faster.

1. Start meditating.


It really helps to disconnect the brain although it might take some time to get into it properly. It doesn't need to be long and be done perfectly. Start with 10 minutes just before going to bed. And don't worry if you can't stop thinking right away. With time, you will notice that you thoughts will slow down at first, and it's already a huge progress. And then, you will be able to fully disconnect. Consistency is key though.

2. Make sure to remove all the electronic devices from your bedroom.

This includes your phone, TV, electronic alarm clock or anything that emits EM waves. The reason for that is very simple. EM waves excite your brain and keep you alert and awake. You don't need any additional excitement on top of your own thoughts, don't you? 😉

3. Lavender, amethyst and fuchsite.


Buy a lavender sachet and put it inside your pillow together with an amethyst and a fuchsite crystals. Lavender is known for it's soothing qualities and it's gentle fragrance will help you relax and unwind. While amethyst and fuchsite are both very powerful healing crystals that can be a great addition to your bedroom. Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser that relieves stress and strain and literally combat insomnia. And fuchsite can help you shift into positive channels releasing various blockages inside your mind.

4. Open the window in your bedroom 30min before going to bed to have fresh air.

This is just common sense really. If you don't want to have stale energy in your room that will only induce your rumination on the same events, thoughts and feelings, you need to let that energy go. And nothing works best for that than fresh evening air.

5. Journal your thoughts before going to sleep so that they stay on paper instead of your mind.

Journaling is quite awesome. It's a well-known fact that putting your thoughts in writing helps you structure them in a better way and release their weight from inside your mind. It also helps you tremendously to develop your self-awareness through introspection. The more you're aware of what you're doing, what you're thinking about and why, the easier you can let go of things that drag you down and don't serve your highest good anymore. And that, of course, will eventually calm your mind because the less problems you have, the happier you are!

These are the 5 things I did back in time to deal with my insomnia issue. 

And they really helped although not from day one. So be patient and consistent.

I personally, also find that harp music is very relaxing, and always helps me sleep. So you might try it for yourself as well and let me know how it worked for you. 

You can also download my personal Underwater Guided Journey that will help you release stress and instill a sense of inner peace and calm.

Remember one thing though.

Racing mind is a sign of deep problems going on inside you.

Your body, soul and mind are always communicating. And in this case, your body is sending your mind alarm signals that something is not right.

Maybe some emotions got stuck inside you and your mind is trying to figure out the way to deal with them. Maybe you're refusing to address certain issues in your work, relationships or family. Or maybe you've known for awhile that you're not living the way you'd want to live and it's time to find your purpose. And it's time for a change but you keep resisting.

The longer your keep things buried and pushed down inside you, the more restless you will grow. 

So although it's totally fine to use the tips I shared to help you relax, you need to address a deeper problem that's depriving you from sleep.

Don't ignore your body.

It's so wise and it can always guide you towards what you need to do.

So just lean into it and allow yourself to heal from within!

Have sweet dreams, dear one, and wake up full of strength to tackle the day!

Much love, healing and support,


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