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Align with your true self.

We all want to live an amazing and fulfilling life. A life where we know our purpose and express it in the most wonderful ways in different areas of our life. We all want to have loving relationships, do work that feeds our soul, be wealthy, have a sense of inner peace and well-being, have great health. And all of that is totally available to every single one of us. The only thing that’s required from you to live that life is to align with your true self.

align with your true self

Now, I’ve spoken to many people on that topic. And although reaching the state of true alignment with who you really are is not rocket science, on my way to it I’ve discovered certain common misconceptions that can hinder you getting there. And I’d love to share with you there 3 misconceptions, or myths.


 Being your true self means never changing anything about you, even if you know you have negative and unhealthy tendencies, just because “This is who you are”.

It usually comes from mistaking who you truly are with who you’ve learned to be.  And I think this is the biggest pitfall.  Sometimes, who you think you are, is really just a constructed image. You created it to survive in this world and it's influenced by mental conditioning that you have picked up throughout your life.  And if you've experienced trauma, this conditioning is really strong. And it's very easy to use the idea of “being true to yourself” as an excuse and a justification to continue certain negative behaviours. Because maybe, you don’t believe you can change. Or maybe, you don't feel safe to change because this constructed you have been protecting you so far.

For example, if you say that you being a lazy, irrational, impatient, scared, unorganized, etc. person is just you being yourself, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Your true self is magnificent, believe me. But if you use the excuse “this is just who I am” to not make any positive changes,  it will keep you small and won't allow you to grow and reach your full potential.

As you grow up, you subconsciously pick up all sorts of habits, traits, beliefs, behaviours, coping mechanisms, and tendencies from important people in your life and your environment. And with time, they become deeply ingrained in you.

Eventually, you start to believe that these traits and tendencies are who you really are.  And when you believe that, you avoid personal growth and change because that would mean betraying who you are.   You say to yourself: “Why would I want to change who I am? Yes, I am impatient sometimes, but this is just a part of who I am.” 

Don’t mistake who you truly are with who you have learned to be. 


Your true self is not the thoughts you think, the behaviors you have, and the things that you say and feel. But rather you are the observing awareness behind all that you say, do, think and feel. You’re a beautiful eternal soul. Beyond all that busy mind stuff, lies a peaceful, present “observer” of everything that happens at the surface. And this deep, observant, conscious being is who we truly are.

Don’t limit your beautiful unfoldment and growth just because this is how you have always been. Question yourself and challenge yourself to overcome those parts of you that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential and living the life you want to live. 


Knowing yourself is enough to align with your true self and it will be easy to do it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing yourself is a long journey of self-discovery but once you finished it, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically align with it. Coming back to the previous point where I mentioned conditioning, it will still be highly affecting you. All the beliefs and fears will be right at the surface, and you might even face a full-blown identity crisis. Because you’ll know who you are, but you’ll be terrified to step into the real you and fully embrace that new person. And you’ll feel torn between the constructed and the real you. 

You’ll need to gather some courage to shed the old constructed you. And to do that, you’ll need to understand first what exactly stops you. Which belief or fear gets in the way. And then release it and replace it with the empowering new truth about yourself. From my experience, a lot of people are afraid that if they embrace that new identity, they’ll lose people in their life. And although it might be partially true, your people will always stay with you. Those who have never been meant for you will fall away.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people continue living in misalignment. They fear the pain of stepping in their true self thinking it’s much bigger than the inconvenience of being that artificially constructed version of you. 

Don’t get me wrong, it will be painful and scary because you're so used to the old version of yourself. But what lies on the other side is totally worth it!


Aligning with your true self means doing only things that feel good.

Although that is true that this is the best way to align yourself - follow the feel-good feeling - it’s also often misunderstood. Because when you start the process of alignment, you’ll probably do things that will be totally new to you. And they will feel terrifying. On the surface, you might feel very uncomfortable. You might tell yourself “Oh, that feels scary so it must not be what I need to do”. But you’ll need to dig and listen deeper than the surface. You’ll need to ask yourself if the real you will feel comfortable doing that. The truth is, it’s the old you that might be terrified. But to become the real you, you’ll need to embody that person by doing things she will do, even if it doesn’t feel good at first. 

For me, realigning with my true self meant that I had to stop hiding and become visible. To start making videos, then FB lives in my business. It meant sitting down and writing posts. Sometimes, the last thing I wanted to do was inspire others. But I knew that my real self is inspiring so I pushed through the initial discomfort and showed up no matter what. 

It also meant showing my emotions to people. One day, I had a fight with one of my friends that made me really angry. My old self would swallow it and continue as if nothing happened because “showing anger is bad”. But my true self knew that every emotion existed in us to be experienced and there were no bad emotions. They become bad when we attach negative meaning to them. So I knew in that situation I needed to vocalise my anger and I did it without feeling bad about it.

So as you can see, alignment doesn’t always feel awesome, especially at the beginning. But it’s only because relearning your true ways of being takes time and effort.

These are the 3 myths that I came to discover over time that I wanted to share with you. If you don’t fall for them, and you get yourself prepared for this journey, I promise it will be much more fun and pleasant! 

To wrap it all up, there’s one last thing I wanted to mention. I always tell my clients, “Don’t change yourself if others point things out about you that don’t make them feel good. Change things about yourself only when you don’t feel good about who you’re being." Because that’s the biggest sign of misalignment.

And when it comes to alignment, I use these simple guidelines.

The parts about yourself that make you feel good, open up your heart, bring you joy, make you feel empowered, give you energy, help others, and motivate you are the behaviors and patterns that NEED to be embraced as they are a good reflection of your true nature.

On the other hand, the parts about yourself that don’t make you feel good, do not serve you, limit you, hurt you or others, drain your energy, keep you feeling small, and hinder your growth are usually the behaviors and patterns that are NOT reflections of who you truly are. And therefore, they need to be re-evaluated.  But only you can be the real judge whether you want to keep them or not.

That’s all I wanted to share with you about alignment. What are your thoughts about it? What resonates with you right now? Do you find yourself in alignment or do you need and want to align with your true self? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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Together, we will

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- explore what you truly want just for your soul, outside of being a parent, a partner, a sister/brother or any other role you play.

- uncover hidden blocks that get in your way

- release them at energetic level

- you'll see what it looks like for you to feel alive and full of energy.

- feel like yourself again.

- tune into your inner guidance system to know what you need to do to manifest your desires.

- learn how to trust the unknown and claim something you can't see yet.

You'll walk away feeling inspired, empowered and expanded, knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to when you allow your soul to lead the way.

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align with your true self

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