Where do you want to start your Holistic Healing & Soul Realignment Journey?

Discover Your Dominant Star Origin
Single breakthrough session ( 2 hours)
Ideal if you suspect that you're a starseed and want to finally remember which kind.

I'll take you on a deep-dive journey of remembering your dominant galactic energy, your gifts, your mission and anything else that needs to come through for you. Anything that your soul is ready to reveal to you.

After this session you'll know who you are and why you're here! You'll feel expanded, elevated and empowered to step into your sacred mission on Earth!

Quantum Healing
Single breakthrough session (2 hours)
It's for you if you want to heal on a very profound, quantum level and release your wounds from your cell memory and DNA.
  • heal the childhood wounds that you carry
  • break repetitive patterns and karmic ties
  • clear and reboot your ancestral heritage.
  • release the energy of your past and make space for new beginnings
  • unwind heavy emotions 
  • heal on a mental, emotional and physical planes all at once
  • bring a profound sense of peace and deep liberation to your heart
  • release all your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into the healing vortex of the quantum field
  • unwind your cellular memory that's locked in your DNA.
  • design your new future.

After this session, you'll walk away with expanded consciousness, a deep sense of inner healing and profound shifts, light heart and liberated soul that will assist you in finally creating the future you desire.

Alchemised Healing
Single breakthrough session (2 hours)
It's for you if you want to experience the most profound multidimensional healing

Imagine if you could alchemise 4 potent energies:

  • the wisdom of your Soul
  • the intelligence of your body
  • the nourishment of Mother Gaia
  • the illumination of Father Sun

To experience the most profound, multidimensional healing!           

  • to transform your wounds into wisdom
  • to heal physical ailments
  • to transcend unwanted repetitive patterns
  • to release trapped emotions & regain a sense of peace and inner power
  • to rediscover joy & zest for life!

That's what this powerful session is all about!

Past Lives Regression Session
Single breakthrough session (2,5 hours)
It's for you if you want to experience a mysterious journey into up to 3 of your past lives and heal karmic ties!
  • Discover who you were and how you lived and recover memories that can improve your current life.
  • Reveal karmic patterns that you carry over from those lives into your current life
  • Discover connections between your current issues and the things you experienced in your past lives.
  • Learn powerful lessons to help your spiritual growth
  • Experience the most profound healing and deep emotional release.

After this session, you'll walk away with newly acquired knowledge about yourself that will help you change your current life, a deep sense of liberation from the burdens of your past that you were not even aware of  and a complete fascination for the richness of your soul's experiences.

Long-term 1-on-1 work
It's my sacred mission on this Earth to help starseeds awaken, step into their magic and awaken powerful leaders that are sleeping inside of them.
  • So that they can step into their own mission
  • Begin impacting humanity using their gifts through their soul-aligned business.
  • Create lasting wealth.
  • And start living an amazing life here on Earth anchored in thriving, flow and fun rather than struggle. 

If you're just starting your starseed entrepreneurial journey and you'd love to build solid foundations to let your business grow and flourish, I can support you with that! 

I have various private containers ranging from 2 months to 1 year to help you increase your magnetism. So that you can call in soul clients, fill your programs, and expand your business to make an impact you came here to make + fill your bank account through integrity & genuine service to humanity.

Book your discovery call to see what kind of private program can be the best match for your current aspirations.

Not sure where you want to start? Give me a call and I'll be happy to guide you!

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or drop me a quick message on my FB page and I'll revert to you as soon as I can.