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Why have I suffered so much in my life?

The Shattering Process

From the moment I was born, my life hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. From having every sickness imaginable, to breaking both of my arms and being kidnapped as a child. To being in a relationship with a narcissist, going through a painful divorce, losing my mom to cancer at the age of 31 and battling depression as an adult. I’ve been through a lot of things! Those I mentioned to you are just the tip of the iceberg!

And I’ve spent years of my life wondering “Why have I suffered so much in my life? Why all of that had to happen?”. Until 2 years ago, I finally found my answer. And if you’ve been asking yourself the same question as long as you can remember, what I’m going to share with you in this article might give you the answer as well. And more than that, empower you for the rest of your journey! So let’s dive in!

It all began far away from Earth...

2 years ago, I remembered I was a starseed. And with that remembrance, a lot of knowledge started slowly pouring into my awareness. A lot of things that helped me understand myself and my journey on Earth. One of those things is the Shattering Process.

Every starseed who volunteers to come to Earth and help humanity, has already reached a higher level of consciousness. Our natural vibration is 5D or higher. But Earth is currently vibrating at a 3D frequency. And in order to be able to incarnate in a human body, we had to lower our frequency and match 3D. And that’s what the shattering process is all about.

In order to lower our vibe, we agree to forget who we truly are. We forget our galactic origin and the wisdom that comes with it. We forget our divinity, our purity and inherent goodness. And we forget that we’re all one and what true love is. Getting in a state of separation from source (which can easily translate into abandonment wound for a lot of starseeds). We shatter our soul in a sense – hence the shattering process. But that’s what allows this shattered part of our star soul to be downloaded into a human body.

I know you might think it sucks! But that’s just the beginning and it’s going to get better!

why have I suffered so much in my life?

The life-changing answer to the question "Why have I suffered so much in my life? 

We agree to shatter our soul with a condition that once we’re on Earth, we will be able to gradually remember what we’ve forgotten and download the rest. So that we can come back to our higher vibration and use our wisdom and gifts to help humanity heal and ascend. And that’s where our journey of suffering and trauma begins because it has a purpose!

Remembering this agreement I made before coming to Earth was like a lightning bolt striking my system. It’s in that moment that I realised one important thing – suffering and all sorts of crappy experiences is not a punishment or bad luck as I used to think. It’s what’s meant to help us remember! These experiences are meant to help us relearn the things we’ve forgotten. And as we heal and reintegrate all those lessons, we’re downloading more and more of our soul into our human vessel. And as our vibration raises, we’re stepping more and more into our power. We finally begin remembering our mission on Earth and serving humanity the way we agreed to serve. The way we knew we could!

That’s where our true empowerment lies – in knowing that no matter what happens in life, it’s all serving a purpose of helping us remember! 

When I began looking at my painful past experiences through that lens, my entire life changed. It blew my mind how much wisdom I could access almost immediately and then use it to help others. It allowed me to step out of the 3D victim mentality and know that nothing out there is trying to hurt me or destroy me. That the entire Universe is conspiring for me through every single thing I go through in my life to help me get back to my true expanded divine self.

And as I’ve been on my journey for quite some time, and I’ve healed and integrated a lot, I’ve noticed that “bad” experiences get scarcer these days. And more and more magic and flow enters my life. I’ve gradually moved from struggle to thriving. And I’m now able to empower more and more of my fellow starseeds to do the same thing by sharing my own experiences and lessons. And that’s feels awesome! Because now I know:

It's bound to get better if you continue your journey with this awareness!

If you don't take life too seriously. And rather keep playing with it, healing from your past experiences and reintegrating all the lessons your soul has forgotten, you'll emerge from all the stuff you've been through strong and wise. And you'll have full awareness of who you are and what magic you can do!

So if you’ve been wondering “Why have I suffered so much in my life?”, I now invite you to look back at all your experiences through this lens. Look for gold and lessons that you can integrate within you, and I guarantee. In no time you’ll finally step into your true magnificent galactic soul inside your intelligent human vessel and will use the gifts of both worlds to create abundance in your life and help those you’re here to help.

Much love, empowerment and fun!



PS: if you're done suffering and you'd like my guidance to begin thriving in every area of your life, I invite you to check my awesome Thriving Starseed Program. A place where you can finally be celebrated for who you are, integrate all of your magic and step out into the world empowered and ready to serve humanity! And of course, have fun and thrive in your own life!

Why have I suffered so much in my life?

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