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Being rational and making logical choices will only bring logical results but keep true magic out of your life.

(The reflections on how choosing magic changed my life.)

When I was 18, under the pressure of my family I made a rational choice of going to the university to study economics.

Instead of what my heart wanted - languages and psychology.

I lasted 3 years until the first opportunity to escape presented itself.

I left Russia to study in France when I was almost 21 in the most incredible circumstances.

Languages found their way into my life as if by magic.

Human development though had to wait 11 more years.

Oh number 11 - the gateway to enlightenment.

Over these 11 years a lot has happened as I continued following logic at first.

Steep learning curve.

First successes at work.

First recognition that felt exciting.

Good salary that a Russian girl from a small town could only dream of.

choosing magic
My former team in the bank

But then, the switch flipped.

Feeling of emptiness started creeping in.

The mundane life was boring and heavy.

Excitement was replaced by frustration.

Profound sense of unhappiness pervaded my entire existence.

The feeling that life can't be about that was more and more present.

Until one day, I decided for myself.

"Screw logic and fears. What does my heart call me to do?".

And coaching magically appeared on my path.

But I wasn't completely honest with myself back then.

I made one bold move following my heart.

But then reverted to logic.

The habit was too strong still.

And while all my being from the inside was drawn to magic, rituals and spirituality, I cast it aside thinking "well, that's just crazy. I can't do that ".

I pushed my true path away one more time for 4 years as I became a career coach.

choosing magic
One of my career change workshops

Choosing magic

What happened next, well, it's still unfolding.

But the last 4 years taught me a lot about business and authenticity.

About the importance of doing your TRUE WORK.

I was partially on my path so I had partial success.

But again, in autumn 2020, the switch flipped.

My heart wasn't in it anymore.

The soul-searching cycle restarted.

And that's when magic finally entered my life fully through a series of curious circumstances that culminated in me going to Ayahuasca retreat.

After that, everything changed.

I'm not denying it anymore.

I've found who I really am and why I'm actually here.

choosing magic
The real me - druid and starseed

I've done a lot of inner work before that happened.

And experienced probably the deepest frustration of my life before things started shifting.

But once I felt the momentum building, I couldn't back down anymore.

I met the most beautiful spiritual teachers.

I did a lot of shadow work but finally saw my own light.

I spent a lot of money on myself without feeling guilty for the first time in forever because I finally recovered my sense of worth.

I discovered things I never knew existed in this world.

I had amazing spiritual experiences.

I read a countless amount of books that were calling me and enriched my vision.

And today, my life is so different.

My work is fundamentally different.

Illogical but powerful.

My sessions are profound like never before because they are fully performed by my higher self.

I create amazing guided journeys that fuel incredible shifts in people.

I travel every day to other dimensions and discover the beauty and mysteries of the universe.

I discovered the magic of my voice.

I healed myself on many levels.

My body is healthy and supportive of me.

I have a fountain of ideas inside me that I can't wait to bring to life.

I wake up every morning thinking "what amazing thing is going to happen today?"

And magic just keeps flowing and unfolding.


Because I finally decided that life is not about rational (read very limiting and often fear-based) choices.

We're not here to do work that's killing our soul just to pay the bills or acquire physical stuff.

We're not here to drag our feet from one day to another.

We're not here to live in lack and constant fear.

You and me, we've never been ordinary.

We're so extremely powerful.

There are no limits to what we can do.

We're here to thrive, enjoy life and change the world with our soul work.

The only condition - decide to go after what logic finds impossible.

Decide to be you no matter how crazy you think you'd look to others.

Screw logic, dear one, and invite magic for the party.

To see that life is so much more than your logical mind can ever imagine.

Much love, healing and support,


PS: if you want to learn how to let magic unfold in your life, be unapologetically you and do the work that sets your soul on fire and illuminates the world, I have a lot of various offers to help you get started! If you feel called to do this sacred work for yourself, click this link to find out more, dear one!

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