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What is Life Purpose?


Have you ever asked yourself « What’s my purpose in this life? » The truth is, we all do it at one point or another. But when it becomes a nagging question in your head, it’s time to stop and find the answer. Simply because that’s your inner guide speaking to you, telling you that you might be on the wrong path. And it’s your destiny calling you.

I’ve never been a fatalist. I believe we can always change our circumstances and life situation. And there are many things that happened in my life to reaffirm my belief. But I also believe we did come here with specific gifts for a reason – to be able to accomplish a specific mission. I’ve been wondering about my life purpose for a long time before I actually found it. It feels amazing to have that inner knowing about yourself ! And here’s how I see it today from my current vantage point.

Life purpose is doing something that’s bigger than yourself and that serves some greater good. It’s something that motivates you to wake up every morning and do the things you do because you WANT it, not HAVE TO do it. It’s a red thread running through your life and influencing all your actions. But more than that, it’s recognising your own gifts and strengths and sharing them with the world to contribute in a meaningful way. For some people it can be helping others, making others happy, uplifting and motivating people, healing. For others, it can be creating beautiful art or making scientific discoveries to contribute to the beauty and wisdom of the world and give visual, auditory or other pleasure to those around.

It’s anything that you can do in your very special and passionate way that will serve the world and impact others, no matter how big or small that impact is.


When the work you do is a reflection of your life purpose, it’s fully aligned with your true soul’s desires. And it makes you feel great about yourself, fulfilled, joyful, and at peace. And it’s not your life purpose if it helps others or contributes to the world but makes you feel like shit. That is pure sacrifice.

Each one of us is born with a unique purpose. I actually believe that we choose that purpose before we’re born and once we’re born, we kind of temporarily forget it. And our entire life is a journey towards it. By having life experiences and feeling different emotions we’re looking for our way to remember it and then fulfil it.

Our life purpose is within us from the start, and it’s simply an extension of who we truly are. That’s why our job is not to find it, but to remember it by coming back to our true self.

For some people, it comes naturally, they live deeply connected to their inner self so they live their life purpose every day and feel in harmony.

For other people - and I was one of them - it’s a bit more complicated. We have a hard time remembering it because we’ve been conditioned by society, our parents, our teachers. We’ve been through some traumatic experiences or life circumstances that made the connection to our true selves very weak.

Some people say « I lost my purpose in life »! But that’s simply impossible because it's part of who we are! All that’s happening for them at that moment is that they've wandered too far away from their true self and need to come back and the purpose will follow.

life purpose

Your life purpose is hidden inside you, waiting to be uncovered!


And that's why removing the conditioning layers, clearing your limiting beliefs, healing your relationship with yourself and coming back to your true self will be your biggest work that you’ll ever need to do that will lead you to your life purpose.

You’ll know when you’re living your life purpose when you start experiencing an almost continuous feeling of joy. Even when something not so great happens and it upsets you, you still gravitate back to that warm feeling after awhile. All the things that are aligned with your purpose will bring you joy. Other things won’t make you feel anything special or will make you feel sad or uncomfortable. And these are the contrast breadcrumbs that you’ll need to follow to remember your life purpose.

So to conclude this little train of thoughts, to find your purpose start digging inside yourself. Trust your internal guidance system, listen to your emotions and follow the joy. This will lead you on your true path and allow you to uncover your life purpose and create your soul-aligned work.

Much love, healing and support,


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