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Three Main Stages of Starseed

Awakening & Empowerment

I've been on my starseed awakening and empowerment journey for the last 2 years - since I remembered I was a druid from the star Onyx. And let me tell you - it's been a hell of a ride! In a good sense, haha!

There were a lot of insights, healing, revelations, highs and lows, inspiration and desperation. And as it keeps unfolding, I love looking back and reflecting on what I've learnt so far. And then sharing my discoveries with other starseeds. Because this is exactly why I'm here - to walk the path first and then guide others. To try, fail, try again, learn from my mistakes. And then use my insights to teach my fellow starseeds how to navigate our journey on Earth to make it fun! And more than anything else, how to truly thrive while we're fulfilling our sacred mission here.

And today, I'd love to dive into one of my discoveries that I believe will help you, my fellow starseed, to go through your starseed awakening and empowerment journey in a much more conscious way. And to know, there's order in a seeming chaos.

Every starseed on their awakening &empowerment journey goes through 3 main stages.

  • Self-discovery
  • Self-mastery
  • Making an impact

Let's dive in and explore them one by one!

starseed awakening and empowerment
Stage 1. Self-discovery

In stage 1, you're becoming aware, for the first time, of who you truly are. And this kinda turns your entire world upside down.

It might start as a simple knowing that you're a starseed, that your soul is foreign to Earth. And it explains to you a lot of why you have been experiencing life as you have been experiencing it. The loneliness, the misunderstanding from most people, a very tight circle of friends with whom you can actually connect. Feeling rejected your entire life and feeling like an outsider looking within. And a lot of other stuff that we, starseeds, tend to experience on our journey.

But eventually, you plunge deeper into self and the deeper layers of who you are get revealed to you.

✨You remember your galactic origins, with at least one of your galactic incarnations coming into your conscious awareness.

✨You get in touch with your gifts and start playing with them.

✨You become aware of your mission - why you came to Earth.

(If you need help with any of that, I invite you to check my deeply transformative session "Discover Your Dominant Star Origin".

And at the same time, you begin questioning your sanity and wondering "Am I losing it? Am I inventing it all? This period of your life can be very confusing to say the least.

What's important for this stage.

At this stage, giving yourself a lot of space and time for yourself is key.

Working on self-love and self-acceptance and allowing yourself to trust the knowing you receive and ground yourself in it is an absolute must. Because if you keep doubting who you are, you'll never reveal your full potential. But when you let it sink and choose to own your true nature, that's when you'll blossom! That's when you'll feel super confident to step into your mission and create an awesome life for yourself on Earth! 

So don't be afraid to turn away invitations to hang out with people if you feel like being on your own. That's totally OK to focus on you at this point.

starseed awakening and empowerment
Stage 2. Self-mastery

In stage 2 of your starseed awakening and empowerment journey, you begin honing your skills and deepening your connection with yourself to truly step into your starseed power.

Personally for me, it's the most fascinating phase because that's when you lay out solid foundations for your future journey so that you can break the cycle of struggle you've been living in and finally begin thriving on Earth.

That's the stage when you actually realise "I come first. Taking care of myself is not selfish. It's the only way to actually serve the world in the most powerful way I can".

✨You learn to truly accept and own who you are.

✨You heal any wounds that prevent you from using your gifts or showing up in the world as your true self.

✨You activate more of your light within.

✨You increase your vibration.

✨You master your mind and your emotions and start being really good with your manifestations literally creating things out of thin air.

✨You create a healthy relationship with money and abundance, and you tune into the abundant version of you.

✨You download some of your personal healing modalities or systems that you’re meant to share with the world, and you begin practicing it.

That’s still quite a self-centered phase. But you also begin opening up to the world much more as you experiment with your gifts not just on your own but with other people. And that's when it starts getting interesting! 🙂 

What's important for this stage.

At this stage, listening to your inner guidance rather than doing any external research is what will help you the most. 

Because your soul will always show you what you need in order to master yourself and where your gaps are. So that you can fill them and fully step into your power. 

When I was in this stage, I did a ton of healing on my own. I was simply plunging within and asking my soul to guide me in what I needed to do. And from that inner healing, I eventually developed my first healing modality - Quantum Healing - and a lot of different guided journeys that I share with people until today. 

It's also important to find good support for yourself and connect with other starseeds as much as possible.

Inside my Thriving Starseed Community, you can find all the support you need at this stage. Feel free to check it out!

starseed awakening and empowerment
Stage 3. Making an Impact

In stage 3, you begin stepping out into the world much much more and actually making an impact you came here to make.

You feel confident in your abilities and your gifts and you know how you will impact people of the world.

✨You share your systems, methods, healing modalities with people and help them change their lives.

✨You create movements.

You put yourself at the forefront of change.

✨You inspire others by walking your talk and sharing your journey.

✨You’re touching a lot of lives whether you’re actively doing something or simply being in the world as you are.

That’s where the real fun (at least for me) begins because you get to really ground in this world all the magic and galactic wisdom you carry within and apply everything you know to assist humanity with their evolution.

That’s exactly why every starseed comes to Earth!

What's important for this stage.

At this stage, creating good boundaries and focusing on your energy so that you can amplify your impact is really important.

A lot of people will be attracted to your light and you might be very tempted to try and help everyone. But that's not a good idea. Because first, you're not for everyone (so don't be greedy! 😉). And second, you need to remember to keep your own cup full so that you CAN help those who you're actually here to help. Depleting yourself can be super easy at this stage and burnt out starseed is of no help to anyone.

But when you take care of your own energy and let it shine brightly but keep clear and healthy boundaries, you'll be able to attract the right people to you and thus, truly make an impact in this world without sacrificing your own well-being.

The stages are not linear!

Now that you have an overview of all the 3 stages of starseed awakening and empowerment journey, you can pinpoint where you are and focus on what's important at this stage. This makes our journey so much more fluid and fun!

And from me, there's one more important thing I want to add. These 3 stages are not linear.

I’ve found that they work as a spiral where you go higher and higher and repeat some stages but on a different level. And the more you progress, the more intertwined they become.

For example, once I remembered my first Galactic incarnation, first I plunged into healing, developed my first healing modality and a few months later, began sharing it with people. I also began actively using my voice in my guided journeys as it was revealed to me that it’s my most powerful gift. That it carries a frequency that will activate starseeds and help people heal and explore themselves. I can easily expand people’s consciousness, put them into an altered state and bring them on a journey with me – to other lives, to other dimensions or within themselves so deep that they come out after being a slightly different person.

And once a level of mastery in all of that was achieved, I was given new memories of my other incarnations. With them, came new insights, new tools, new gifts – reading auras, healing with Higher Self, awareness of what’s necessary for starseeds to thrive on Earth. And after a bit of practice, I began sharing this with others.

At the beginning of September, I could feel I was stepping into the next cycle – a higher turn of the spiral. I’m being called to awaken leaders sleeping inside every starseed so that they can confidently step into their mission and begin making an impact here.

starseed awakening and empowerment

Starseeds are here to change the world!

No matter how cheesy it sounds, you came here to change the world. 

For some of us, it's going to look like changing one soul at a time. While for others, impacting masses! And going through these stages of your starseed awakening and empowerment will give you awareness of what it looks like to you.

But if there's one thing I want you to remember, it's this. 

It all starts with you!

With you owning and honouring who you are and then sharing yourself with the world. But this journey isn't meant to be a self-sacrifice. It's meant to be FUN!

You're meant to thrive here on every level of human existence while you're fulfilling your sacred mission.

And it all becomes possible when you know you're a precious gift to this world and you treat yourself accordingly.

So please let me know - where are you on your journey? Which stage are you currently surfing? And if you need my help, don't hesitate to check my work and see what resonates!

Much love, empowerment and fun!


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