Discover Your Dominant Star Origin

Remember what kind of starseed you are & why exactly you came here

You're here on a very important mission!

And knowing who you truly are is what will empower you to accomplish it!

Because the moment you get in touch with your star origin, the rest will start pouring in. Your mission, your gifts and your support team! 

You'll receive everything you need to step into your power & begin doing the work you're here to do!

Are you ready to discover what kind of starseed you are?

As an old soul, you've incarnated in plenty of places in this and other Universes.

You carry a lot of different energies within you.

But there is one energy that is DOMINANT.

It's the one in which you've acquired a certain level of mastery.

The one that will be the most helpful to you right now.

And the one that will kick-start your journey of full remembrance of your various star incarnations and all the gifts and wisdom that come with them.

And it will change your life forever!

For 36 years of my life I was unaware of my star origin and didn't know what I was capable of.

And I spent these years wandering around and questioning myself a lot. I didn't really know why I was here and what I was supposed to be doing.

I only knew that I was here for something big, but I didn't know what exactly it was. So I felt totally lost and confused. And even though I had a business, I felt stuck.

I didn't know who I was supposed to serve, so it wasn't moving forward.

It felt like I was doing all the things but nothing was working.

It changed the moment I discovered I was a starseed. And my dominant star origin of Onyx with my elemental healing gifts was revealed to me.
At this same moment, I remembered that my mission was to find other starseeds, tell them they are not crazy and help them awaken & step into their power.  So that their can begin fulfilling their mission of assisting Earth evolution. 

And that's when my life shifted BIG TIME!

Nothing is the same since then!

I own my power and serve the way I know in my soul I'm supposed to!

And as the time passes, I remember more and more about my galactic heritage, acquire new wisdom & gifts and anchor deeper in my power.

And that's super FUN, FULFILLING and EXCITING.

star origin

Knowing your dominant star origin won't solve all of your problems. But it will help you a LOT to make your starseed journey so much more light and fun!

When you begin remembering your life on another planet through your own 5 senses, you'll feel this energy activating in your body and awakening in you everything you need to begin thriving and serving humanity.

  • You'll remember your race, the values & principles of your society and the knowledge that's common for them and will be useful for you right now to get unstuck from limited human programming.
  • You'll remember your most precious gifts + your mission on Earth.
  • You'll get in touch with all the aspects of yourself in that life that will help you get a clear sense of who you are.
  • You'll step into your magnificent power and shed the illusion that something has control over you.
  • You'll feel grounded in your beautiful galactic energy and you'll know everything you need to know to begin fulfilling your mission.
  • And you'll have a solid foundation on which you can build to remember more and more about your other incarnation

The more you know yourself, the more empowered you'll feel!

This session is NOT a star origin reading!

But rather a deep dive, first -  into the depth of your soul, and then - into the infinity of this multiverse in which we all exist. You'll plunge into the experience of your galactic incarnation with all your senses. And, as a result, you'll fully embody it once the journey is over.

If you're ready to explore who you truly are, let me guide you!

This session is for you if you:

  • Have already done good work around self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Suspect you're a starseed but haven't received any memories yet.
  • Have enough courage and curiosity to look deeper within.
  • Long to make an impact on this Earth and ready to embrace your origin & your superpowers that will help you do that.
  • Are ready to experience your star incarnation through your own senses!

You will know who you are & why you've come here.

You will feel empowered and unstoppable.
Your energy level will go sky-high!

star origin
star origin

If that speaks to your soul, I invite you to book your spot below!

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