Activating Starseeds Awakening Leaders


Remember who you are and why you came here to begin thriving and making an impact you’re meant to make while you have fun and play the game of life as a Starseed on Earth.

Hello, Fellow Star Soul!
You've Been On Your Starseed Awakening Journey For a While

And you know in your soul you’re here to LEAD!

To show humanity a better way of being and relating to each other.

To be the agent of profound change that is so needed.

The only problem – you still don’t know who you REALLY are.

And you’ve done it all: journalling, self-help books, classes, workshops, hours of meditation meditation. But the connection to your origins and your purpose still eludes you.

And with that missing bit – the access to your full power is still limited.

All you know is that you’re not from here, and you have a special mission.

And you’re ready to step into your power and finally begin fulfilling it while you play, have fun & expand your life in magical ways!

And I’m here to accelerate your Starseed Awakening and Activate you – to remind you of your Galactic Heritage and Awaken the Leader in YOU! 

 So that you can begin serving humanity, building your legacy & living your life on Earth to the fullest!

Are you ready to plug into your sovereignty, purpose and fun?

starseeds awakening

Hello, Soul family! I want to share a testimonial about my three amazing months as part of Maria’s Thriving Starseed Community!

I have received so much through these three months of intimate support! Though I have been part of Maria’s circle for a while now, it was extremely beneficial to have the consistency of these monthly meet-ups.

The themes we explored were exactly what I needed on my journey every step of the way! Witnessing the experiences of others’ unique journeys has encouraged me and alleviated doubts of being “too far out there.” You will feel right at home with these amazing souls!

Through our time together I have learned how to sense and release entity attachments, integrate my healer and perpetrator wounds, step into my boundless, abundant True Self and courageously serve others in the ways that align with my Soul.

I have become aware and more certain of my Orion/Elohim mission as a galactic warrior for expanded consciousness. As I serve humanity alongside my autistic Starseed son, I channel the awareness of my Higher dimensional self where I travel with a team to dense areas in the Universe with the pure intention of bringing the Light where it is most needed.

If you are desiring to shed all that holds you back and live as an empowered Starseed while upon earth, I totally recommend becoming an active participant of this community.

Many thanks, Maria Katolikova, for your heart-empowered dedication to support us Starseeds! 🙏💜


Hi, I’m Maria!

I‘m an Onyx star child, a Starseed Activator,Soul Guide & Awakener of Leaders. And I’m here to remind you of something you might have forgotten!

You’re here to fulfil a very important mission. But also – to thrive, have fun and experience human life to the fullest. You don’t need to settle anymore for the life that has never fit you.

it’s time to forge YOUR PATH by simply being YOU.

By integrating your Human Body with your Galactic Soul!

There are so many different starseed types out there! And I can help you shed the untruths that have been slowing down your starseed awakening, holding you back from remembering Your Galactic Origins and Mission and fully stepping into your POWER!

So that you can finally begin making an impact you came here to make, earn tons of money doing so and have FUN!

And if that’s what you want, let’s MOVE together!

Knowing your star origin won’t magically solve all of your problems. BUT! It will help you a LOT to make your starseed awakening journey on Earth so much more light, meaningful and fun!

Discover Your Dominant Star Origin.


A springboard for your starseed awakening & empowerment journey.

Here’s what my clients have experienced on their starseed awakening journey!

starseeds awakening
starseeds awakening
starseeds awakening

Work with me to accelerate your starseed awakening & empowerment journey!

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Thriving Starseed is a podcast dedicated to supporting and guiding starseeds as they discover who they truly are and navigate their life on Earth. We dive into how you can reveal and fully embody your magic and step into your leader role so that you can thrive, have fun and create an amazing life for yourself while you’re fulfilling your sacred mission of helping humanity evolve.

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“You begin thriving on Earth when you integrate the intelligence of your human vessel with the wisdom of your galactic soul. Let’s unlock your full power together.”


  • – Maria Katolikova