Being on a starseed journey is one of the hardest but also one of the most fascinating things that has ever happened to me!

Feeling really lonely, misunderstood and judged by most people. 

Longing to go home, to a place in the stars I can't even remember.  

Feeling everything around me so acutely and absorbing people's energy.

Questioning my sanity and feeling awkward inside my own skin. 

But on the other side of it all...

Knowing I came here with a very special mission of Universal importance.

 Sharing my gifts and the wisdom of my galactic soul with this world and witnessing how it changes people's lives. 

Travelling to other dimensions in fascination and awe of the secrets this world reveals to me.

Creating beautiful bonds with animals, nature and people who are part of my soul tribe.

And knowing that I hold within myself the key to thriving and enjoying this incredible adventure to the fullest.

This journey can be REALLY FUN! 

Or it can feel like an endless struggle, IF you resist accepting fully who you truly are and all the magic you carry within.

Which is why I decided to create a program that will fully support you on your starseed journey to heal, own your power and learn to integrate your Earthly and Galactic aspects so that you can begin thriving on Earth while you're fulfilling your sacred mission!

This is a rolling membership program that has opened its doors on the 23rd of April 2023 to every starseed in this world who wants to unfold their starseed potential and begin making an impact they came here to make! 

I've created this space so that you can feel safe and supported to do that in the company of your fellow starseeds. Because together we grow so much faster and we can allow ourselves to drop all our protective walls to be who we REALLY are!

And while you came here to help humanity, you also came here to play, have fun, learn what it means to be human and enjoy living on planet Earth.

And when you embrace your dualistic nature - your Galactic Soul in a human bodyyou can use the gifts of both worlds to the benefit of all.

And you can turn your life here into a fascinating, fun and rich adventure!

Inside the membership, you'll have access to a dedicated FB group with 3 monthly group meetings where I'll be leading you through various sacred practices to help you fully step into your starseed power.

We've already done 27 sessions that are available to watch right away upon joining the program. They include various starseed activations&attunements, healing sessions, coaching&mentorship, Q&A sessions on variety of hot starseed topics to help you thrive. 

Here are just a few of them to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Healing your relationship with your human body so that you can feel comfortable  inside your skin and begin opening up to the pleasures of life& having fun.

Grounding deeply inside mother Gaia to feel fully supported and safe being here, serving humanity and fulfilling your sacred mission with ease and grace.

Healing your Healer's and Perpetrator's wounds to release deep-seated fear of persecution, show up as your true self, unblock your gifts& use them for the benefit of all .

Releasing the belief that people don't want to listen to you so that you can freely express your ideas and feel heard and understood.

Balancing your empathic gift to stop absorbing other people's energy and feel empowered to use it to help others with their healing.

Accessing higher dimensions and parallel lives & connecting to your dominant galactic origin energy to bring your wisdom to Earth.

Releasing the vow of poverty, shifting your relationship with money and stepping into your abundant self to begin thriving financially.

Discover your starseed gifts and learn how to harness them to serve yourself and others and make an impact you came to make.

Stepping into the most authentic version of you so that you can find your tribe and create beautiful relationships.

And much much more!!!

Here's what some participants are saying about their experience inside this potent container!

starseeds awakening

This space is absolutely magical and a true accelerator for your starseed journey on Earth!

  • You'll heal on a multidimensional level & tap into your full potential
  • You'll activate your starseed gifts and feel amazing using them
  • You'll feel safe showing fully as you are and speaking your truth
  • You'll create deeper connections with people around you and call in your soul tribe
  • You'll stop feeling like an outcast and replace loneliness by a sense of interconnectedness
  • You'll remember your mission, start touching lives and begin doing the work you came here to do.
  • You will fully embrace who you are and begin playing this game of life!
  • You'll finally leave the struggle behind and begin thriving and having FUN!

And you'll start creating abundance in every area of your life and enjoying your stay on planet Earth!!!

Because when you align with your true nature, everything becomes possible!

Registration to this program is currently open. 

Min commitment: 2 months

After that you can decide if you want to stay for continued support or pursue your journey on your own.

Are you ready to THRIVE as a starseed on Earth?

Hello, I'm Maria!

Onyx Starseed, Druid, Soul Guide and Quantum Healer.

I awakened to my starseed nature and all the gifts coming with it in Summer 2021. I found the power of my voice, stepped into my sacred mission and started embracing my true nature that opened up many secret doors for me! And I started exploring and having fun!

I know that we're all here on a mission but we're dispersed in the world and it can be very lonely. Fulfilling your mission when most people around you don't get you and there's nobody to pour your heart to and bounce ideas with, can feel like a mission impossible. Since I've awakened, I've joined various starseed groups on FB but soon realised that it's very confusing and actually far from supportive. I witnessed a lot of aggression and putting others down. I didn't feel safe in them so I eventually left.

Which is why the idea of creating the Thriving Starseed membership was born. 

It's not just a place to share your experiences to know that you're not going crazy. It's a place to feel like we're all on the same side. A place heal, deepen your understanding of yourself, unlock your true starseed potential and finally begin making an impact you know you came here to make. 

I know from experience that when you're surrounded by truly like-minded people, your growth and expansion accelerates! And that's exactly what I deeply desire for all of us!

If your soul is saying YES to this, join me inside this magical supportive community and let's create an amazing life together and make an impact we all came here to make!!!

Your investment in Thriving starseed

monthly fee 

Normally - EUR 188

Right now - EUR 111 - Special price until the 8th of March 2024

  • safe supportive starseed community on FB with 3 monthly group sessions
  • meetings held on zoom at various times to accommodate different time zones
  • recordings of all sessions available inside the group for as long as you stay 
  • min commitment - 2 months after which you can decide to stay as long as you like
  • BONUS: 20% discount on any of my private sessions