Heal Your Body

A 4-month 1-on-1 holistic healing program to release your trapped emotions and let go of the wounds you carry to free yourself from pain, finally start enjoying your life and feel empowered in your mission to help others.

You're an amazing born healer!

You've been helping and healing others your entire life to some extent.
And people have always been drawn to you.
Strangers pouring their hearts to you is nothing new in your world.
Friends and family coming to you for advice and support is a regular thing.

People saying they feel good around you is normal to you.
You've always been happy to help. But you know you can do so much more!

And you feel called to dial it up and serve many more people through your soul business.
The only thing that's currently getting in your way is that your body is in pain. 

You have a chronic disease, a physical condition or some weird pains here and there.  

They consume a LOT of your energy. And you realise that you simply wouldn't be able to do what you'd love to do full-time as long as they are there.

And here's the first truth.

There's a huge difference between helping people now and then and doing it for a living daily. 

It requires so much more energy from you. It requires you to be fully present with people and work with them from a space of power and positive vibrations. 

But when your body is in pain, it's very hard to do it!

And you already know it because you've been trying to heal yourself for a long time. But for now, the pain always comes back.

And you're soooo ready to release it for good!

And I can help you.

Imagine what your life would look like if you were pain-free!

You could be moving more and feeling more energised. 

You could be doing more of the things you like that right now are out of your reach.

You could wake up in the morning and feel amazing!

And you could be helping others much more with your beautiful gifts and making money simply being YOU!

Is that something you'd like to experience?

If yes, then here's the 2nd truth.

The pain you have in your body has very little to do with the physical state of your body. And everything to do with your emotional and energetic state.

And you can heal it fast when you listen to your body and release stuck emotions and wounds that you carry inside.

Believe me, I know where you are right now. I've lived with the lower back pain for 17 years!

For the first 4 years in my soul business, I've been working with chronic back pain that started when I was 20.
Some days, it was manageable.
But other days, it was killing me and messing with my work.
It was torture to sit through clients' sessions.
It was impossible to stay in front of the computer to create my content.
I was constantly interrupted by my pain.
Many of my plans and events fell apart because of it.
I was feeling exhausted all the time, even on the days when the pain was small because it was always there and a lot of my energy was leaking into it.
I spent thousands of EUR on countless massages, phytotherapy, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy and very painful injections over this time.
With the same result over and over - the pain subsided temporarily only to come back in full force when I'd get a bit stressed or when I'd travel and stay in a seated position for more than 2 hours.
And doctors telling me there's nothing much I can do apart from going for surgery.


When I awakened to being a starseed, I knew that healing my body was my priority number one.

And I found my way of doing it - a holistic way - that helped me relieve my lower back pain in under 1 month + heal other things that were getting in my way of fulfilling my mission (both physical and not).  

And it made a HUGE difference in my life and my business!
And I'd love to share it with you, dear one, in this program!

Your earthy vessel - your body - is a very intelligent system in which everything is interconnected.

Your mind, body and soul are in constant interaction with each other.

And physical pain or disease is often a manifestation of emotional, mental and energetic wounds inside you.

When you don't deal with those wounds and you bury them deep inside you to numb yourself to pain, they eventually come to the surface in the form of physical disease.   This means that healing your body needs to start with uncovering and healing these wounds.

Your body heals when you release the toxic junk you carry inside in the form of repressed trauma and stuck emotions and give it love instead.

Now, as a healer, you might have been already doing your inner work for years, and yet, not much has changed.

And I've discovered that there are 3 main reasons why this can happen.

  • Your relationship with pain - if you're not willing to feel it, healing can't happen. You can get relief on a surface level but to heal on a deep level and release the root cause of your pain you need to allow yourself to feel.
  • People pleasing - healing requires commitment to YOU because it's not a matter of one day. It's a process of coming back to your true self that takes time and energy. So as long as other people are a priority for you and you can't give yourself uninterrupted time and attention, the process can't be finalised.
  • Self-sabotage - if you consciously desire to heal more than anything but there's an unconscious part of you that benefits from you remaining exactly as you are, it will prevent you from healing.

When you identify which reason gets in your way, and remove it, you'll be able to finally heal yourself so much faster! And that's where my external eye can be really invaluable because we all have blind spots that we simply can't see on our own.

So if you're burning with desire to step into your mission and help more people and you'd love to heal your body to be able to do it with more ease and fun, I'd love to help you!

lower back pain relief

I have combined several amazing things in this program!

Energy work, chakras healing, deep emotional release work, my intuitive guided journeys into your subconscious mind containing magical incantations I received from the source to help you heal!

lower back pain relief

And Here's what exactly you'll experience

  • You'll learn how to be fully present with yourself so that you can listen to your body's intelligence.
  • You'll release all the blocks that didn't allow you to heal before.
  • You'll understand why you've been sick to prevent future diseases.
  • You'll release toxic stuck emotions and heal your inner wounds that create your physical pain.
  • You'll fall in love with your body again.
  • You'll create new habits to nourish and take care of it.
  • And you'll finally be pain-free, and bring back joy, vitality and energy to your body, mind and soul

So that you can have more energy to serve others, share your gifts, change lives and allow true abundance to flow into your life.

Are you ready to finally heal from within and access the freedom, joy and abundance?

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Recover your mobility to do all the amazing things you want to do in life
  • Reconnect to a child-like joie-de-vivre and taste for life
  • Feel strong and confident
  • Trust your body to support you in every way you need to fulfil your goals and dreams.
  • Have a restorative sleep.
  • Be flexible and have a full range of motions.
  • Finally live pain-FREE

If that speaks to your soul and you're ready to dive deep within to heal for good, choose your option below and let's do this! I'd be happy to help you unlock your healing powers and completely transform your life!

Because I firmly believe.

When you love yourself unconditionally and release all the guilt and shame.

When you let your pain speak to you so you can finally hear for the first time what's really going on.

You know your worth and stop chasing other people for approval and acceptance out of fear.

When you remove inner blockages to allow your energy to flow freely.

Your body responds accordingly and your life changes in front of your eyes, literally in a matter of days!

lower back pain relief

Your investment in Heal Your Body 


EUR 3,400

A simple one-time


2-time payment

EUR 1,800

2 payments

every 6 weeks

4-time payment

EUR 1,000

4 easy

monthly payments

You'll get 12 private healing sessions + my support in between via messenger spread over the period of 4 months.

Be intentional, believe in your power and love yourself deeply to allow magical healing to happen!

Much love, healing and support,


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