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Whether you’re after finding your soul purpose and choosing a career/business fully aligned with it. Or after breaking your own limits and stepping into your true power. You’re about to make one of the most important decisions in your life. You want to CHANGE! I’m thrilled about the opportunity to connect with you and help you make the first step towards your happiest, most authentic self!

My passion is guiding you through an amazing discovery of your true self and your hidden potential. And helping you create your own vision for a life that will make you want to jump out of bed every morning. The career that has the power to bring you fulfilment, joy, inner peace and make you feel complete.

I’m also a great advocate of personal development. Because without you growing and conquering your fears and doubts, there can be no lasting change. That’s why I’ll help you build an unbreakable mindset along the way to ensure that you are successful in anything you lay your eyes upon.

We will be a great match if you:

  • an awakening lady who wants to use her full potential to make positive changes in the world.
  • want a soul-aligned meaningful career/business
  • ready to invest in yourself, commit to change and take responsibility for your life to take the necessary action.
  • want to develop and grow and get rid of unwanted habits and beliefs that limit you from blossoming.
  • ready to challenge yourself and step out of the box to improve your life.
If the above sounds like you, then we are good to go!  We can start your journey to a meaningful career and your personal transformation!

– Zig Ziglar


What lovely ladies that I had a chance to meet say about our coaching sessions.

After the session with Maria, I had the feeling that everything is possible because there are other people that feel the same way, and I could really do the change, once I rationally assess the benefits, and what is “the worst case scenario” that could happen. I liked that Maria was professional on one side, but “human” on the other side – ready to share her personal story and her experience. It gave me the feeling of comfort that I was being listened, and that the couch had sincere intentions to help.

Nikolina Nimac

I liked the most how Maria and I “clicked”. We have very similar characters and she was someone who seemed to understand my worries/frustrations as well as my aspirations In life. After our session, I was certain that my fears/doubts are elements that can be improved through work. I have already spoken all around me about the great experience of our first/trial session!

Laura Rodriguez

During the session, I learnt how to relax (breathing technique). I know now that my career is my own career and should not be linked to other people, and I start asking myself some questions about my dream. I like that I could freely express myself without being judged. I felt like Maria was really listening to what I want to say and paying attention to me.

Chinn Yi Low

Maria pointed out that I need to work on my fears. This was very helpful for me to start recognising my saboteurs and try to see when something is what I want or is actually just my fear. For the first session I was super satisfied!

Stela Karachristou

After our conversation, I realised I really have to start taking care of myself because it is not good on long-term what I do right now. Maria helped me to identify small actions that help me change. Maria forced me to deeply think and say out loud why I do certain things. I'm happy how the session turned out!

Anita Füzi