Born to Lead

6-week program to awaken your leader energy and magnetism.

Welcome, beautiful soul!

I'm super excited for you! You're about to start an amazing journey of awakening your leader energy and magnetism! So that you can amplify your impact in this world, touch more people's lives and make a living being 100% authentic.

And I can't wait to see where it will bring you!

Below you will find all our sessions. I'll be uploading them here as we progress so you can always come to this page to re-watch whatever you want or catch up on the sessions that you missed live.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this powerful program and become a leader you're born to be!

Session 1 - Authenticity and Speaking Your Truth

Session 2 - Purpose and 


Session 3 - Owning Your


Session 4 - Personal Power and Authentic Voice Activation

Session 5 - Breaking Paradigms and Overcoming Fears

Session 6 - Leading Yourself in order to Lead Others

Session 7  - Trusting Yourself and Becoming a Creator

Session 8 - Self-trust and Creative Flow Activation

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