Thriving Starseed

Business Edition

Successful Business The Starseed Way

Do you feel a burning desire to make an impact in the world?

Do you feel it's time to awaken the leader, the change maker, the way-shower within you?

Are you ready to step up your game and create a successful business aligned with your mission & star soul?

If you answered YES to ALL these questions, then this powerful container is for you! Let's create your thriving starseed business together!

I've been an entrepreneur for the last 6 years! (out of which the last 2 I've been awakened to being a starseed 🌟.)
I've tried and tested tons of things. I've changed directions several times. I've failed hundreds of times and cried my eyes out before I've found my way through it! 😅 I know by now what works and what doesn't and why it was that way. You can't run a business in a 3D way when you're a galactic soul tapped into higher frequencies!
Through my trials and tribulations, I've understood that the key to a successful business lies in building it on a solid foundation!

a solid foundation = ✨energetics + 🧠mindset + ⚙️aligned strategy. 

And I wish somebody taught me that when I was just getting started! Because I know it would have saved me a lot of time and kept me from countless heartbreaks.
It took me so much time to disconnect from all the outdated 3D rules around business and marketing and finally allow myself to do it my way - the 5D way that's aligned with my starseed soul and mission. The way that feels fun and flow and honours who I am. That's when my true magic got unlocked and I began serving the world the way I was always meant to!!!

And I know there's an aligned way FOR YOU to do your business too.

So that you can serve humanity + make an impact + have fun and make amazing money to live a full and fulfilling life on Earth!

And this is the reason why I'm creating this program for you, my fellow starseed!

We're all here to make an impact in this world in our own unique way!

Do you want to find yours and create your Thriving Starseed Business?

🌟Starting and running a business as a starseed presents its own unique set of challenges! 🌟

Because we're wired differently! Our soul is tapped into higher dimensions from where certain things look different. And, at the same time, our body is human. And so we've also absorbed some unhelpful Earthly conditioning.

Which is why some of (or all!) the points below might resonate with you:

👉🏼 You want to have a profitable business but you also want to make your gifts available to everyone and you often give your work away for free.

👉🏼 You would love to create abundance for yourself and those you love and yet, you feel guilty charging for your gifts or even using your gifts to start with.

👉🏼 Your ideas of how to help people are wonderful and progressive but you struggle to convey to people how life-changing your work is because it feels so ineffable.

👉🏼 You have an irrational fear inside you to fully show up as yourself because you think you might get hurt or attacked or that you might hurt others.

👉🏼 Due to your high sensitivity, you sometimes wonder if you can handle success in your business and tons of clients wanting your help.

👉🏼 You have the most amazing ability to illuminate people's darkness and wounding and a lot of people might be blaming you for how they feel, so you begin feeling bad about yourself.

👉🏼 And sometimes, you have days when you just hate people and find them stupid and you wonder if what you're doing is even worth the effort at all!

But don't worry! All of that will be covered and handled inside this magical container! So that you can release what doesn't serve you and tap into your full multidimensional power to create and impact + income you desire!

thriving starseed business edition

This is a 6-month mastermind container for beginner entrepreneurs that will include mentoring with the elements of Human Design, starseed activations + hot seat coaching to help you create and grow your aligned business your way.

3 zoom calls per month.

The places are limited to make sure everyone gets the support they need in order to create their thriving starseed business, grow FAST and make the impact+income they desire.

Here's what we'll be covering.

thriving starseed business edition

What's you'll learn here:

  • Deciding  how exactly you want to help people + creating irresistible offers for your perfect clients
  • Building your client journey
  • Choosing aligned prices by tapping into your intuition
  • Positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field
  • Marketing yourself according to your Human Design Type
  • Channeling your higher self to write content that grabs your ideal clients' attention and brings them to you.
thriving starseed business edition

What's you'll learn here:

  • Consistency and commitment
  • Letting go of fears - success, failure, rejection, being seen and releasing past life wounds and toxic spiritual beliefs to unleash your power.
  • Changing your view on impostor syndrome
  • Changing your relationship with money and sales
  • Boundaries that honour your sensitive nature and serve the highest good of all
  • Transmuting perfectionism and people-pleasing
thriving starseed business edition

What's you'll learn here:

  • Tapping into the feminine magnetism for client attraction + flow in business
  • Disconnecting from the hard work programming and allowing yourself to play and have fun
  • Owning the value and power of your work
  • Opening yourself to receive more and more and using your high frequency to attract clients.
  • Anchoring in your worth
  • Trusting yourself and disconnecting from toxic people in your life
  • Activating your born leader energy
  • You'll create and begin growing your soul-aligned business in the way that feels exciting and fun for you.
  • You'll fully step into your starseed mission and begin making the impact you came here to make.
  • You'll start making money helping people through your gifts. 
  • You'll feel magnetic and fulfilled.
  • And you'll know you're tapping into your full potential to help Earth heal and ascend doing it all YOU WAY!

You're not here to conform or do business the 3D way! You're here to forge your own beautiful path!

And if that's what you desire to create in your life right now, I invite you to join me!

This Mastermind kicks off on the 18th of November, but you can join at any moment and stay for 6 months.

Registration is currently open. 

Are you ready to step into your starseed mission and thrive while you help others?

Your investment in

Thriving starseed - Business Edition

Pay-in full

EUR 3,000

6 monthly payments 

EUR 600

You get:

  • safe supportive and inspiring starseed community on FB with 3 monthly group calls
  • mentorship, activations, hot-seat coaching to help you grow FAST
  • meetings held on zoom at various times to accommodate different time zones
  • access to the recordings of all the sessions available inside the group for 6 months
  • your personalised access to me with any questions you might have
  • my soul looking into yous to reveal your full potential 
  • 20% discount if you're a current or past member of the Thriving Starseed (message me to get the link to benefit from this)

Do you still have questions that you'd like me to answer to make sure this powerful container is for you?

Feel free to book a FREE discovery call with me!