Starseed Activation Week

23/02/2024 - 01/03/2024

Expand your consciousness, elevate your vibration and learn how to begin thriving as a starseed on Earth.


If I showed you, in a space of 7 days, how you can unleash your full potential and start thriving on planet Earth while helping humanity through your sacred mission, would you take me up on this offer?

If you know you came here to play, have fun and keep expanding while you share your wisdom and medicine with people, and you're done being in survival mode,

Then this transformational week is for you!

The experiences I'll be offering to you during this week are designed to help you understand why you've struggled here so far (loneliness, feeling misunderstood, wanting to go home, finances, absorbing people's energy, your health and general sense of well-being to name a few) and what inner shifts will help you change that.
They are designed to help you see what you're truly capable of and what you can create for yourself when you start stepping into your magnificent multidimensional power.


23rd of February - 1st of March 2024



  • 23/02/2024 - "How to Thrive as a starseed on Earth"  - a powerful workshop where I'll be sharing with you 3 main reasons why most starseeds struggle living on Earth and how you can begin deliberately creating a great life for yourself and begin thriving while you fulfil your mission of serving humanity.
  • 25/02/2024 - The Cosmic Egg - a transcendental cosmic activation session to optimise your aura and raise your frequency. So that you can access your higher spiritual powers and accelerated healing, connect with your galactic family with more ease, develop your cosmic awareness and open up to exchange on the cosmic level to receive insights and guidance. And so much more!
  • 27/02/2024 - An absolute must-do healing session to connect you back to hope for humanity and reignite your inner fire and flow. So that you can remove any resistance you might have to fulfilling your mission, begin freely and eagerly sharing your gifts with the world and open up the gates of abundance that comes with it.
  • 01/03/2024 - Q&A session where I'll address any of your questions about starseed awakening journey and how you can stop struggling and start thriving. You'll be able to understand your areas of mastery and also the areas of growth and see where you need to make shifts to open yourself to abundance on every level on your journey.


All the sessions will be held on zoom at 6PM CEST and shared into a dedicated Facebook Group for us to connect and share our experiences. The replays will be available for 1 additional week after the live event is over - until the 8th of March. So that you can easily catch up with all the sessions if you can't make them live.

It's for you if you want to understand

  • Why you've been struggling to be understood and accepted your entire life and how you can begin calling in your soul tribe.
  • Why your body has been sick and what will allow you to heal.
  • What limited your access to money so far and how to begin tapping into true abundance that's available to you.
  • How to empower yourself in using your empathic ability for your and other people's benefit instead of living with it as a burden and being crushed by the weight of the world.
  • Why your gifts haven't fully come out and what you need to do to get them unleashed so that you can begin improving your own life and the life of others.
  • Why you've been disconnected from your purpose and how this disconnection affected your entire journey.
  • How embracing who you truly are and showing up as YOU in the world can help you step into your full magnificent potential - and why you haven't been able to do so until now.

And you want to finally hop off the constant struggle bus and begin thriving in this world in a way that you're meant to!

You want to feel in love with who you are, be surrounded by people who accept and cherish you, tap into your gifts to help people + make money from that, feel strong and healthy in your body and tackle any future 3D issues with much more ease and grace because you're fully IN YOUR POWER!

starseed activation

I can't wait to share this powerful  experience with you, my fellow starseed, from my soul to yours!

And if you don't know me yet - hello there!I'm Maria. I carry the energies of several galactic races within me: Onyx - Arcturus - Lyra - Sirius. I've been through enough struggle in my life to know that it sucks. But to also understood why it was happening and how to put a stop to it and begin enjoying my life on Earth.

I've gone from having chronic pains in my body to healing myself completely. From having nobody around me who can get me to having a huge support from a growing tribe of fellow starseeds. From having a business that just wouldn't work no matter what I do to feeling ease and flow of abundance and fulfillment. And I'm here to help my star brothers and sisters awaken and thrive on their journey here too!

What my previous beautiful participants say about this experience!

starseed activation
starseed activation

Michele Heusbourg

starseed activation
starseed activation
starseed activation
starseed activation
starseed activation

You didn't come to Earth to ride the struggle bus and live in survival mode. You came to play, expand and thrive while helping humanity heal and evolve.

If that resonates with your soul, join me to find out how to begin!

starseed activation

Ready to start thriving, fellow starseed?

  • 4 powerful sessions to activate your starseed potential
  • replays available until the 8th of March 2024
  • access to a supportive group to connect to your fellow starseeds

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