awakening & healing


20 powerful workshops and healing sessions to support you on your spiritual journey

Welcome, beautiful soul!

I'm super excited for you! You're about to begin an amazing journey of deeper and more supported awakening!

And I can't wait to see where it will bring you!

Below you will find 20 of my most powerful workshops and healing sessions that will support you on your awakening journey!

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy going through these trainings to deepen your understanding of yourself, your journey and how you can make the most out of your life!

1 - Sacred Gifts Awakening Session

2 - Dark Night of the Soul Workshop

3 -Time Travel Workshop 

4 - Infinite Abundance Workshop

5 - The Truth About Healing

6 - The Power of Water

7 - Introduction to Chakras

8 - Sacred Chants

9 - The Lightness of Air 

10- Transmute Fear into Fire

11 - Winter Solstice Druid Clearing Ritual

12 - Violet Flame Cosmic Portal Transmission 

13- Meditation for Global Peace

14 - Healing for Confidence and Personal Power

15 - Living Fully in the Present

16- Meeting your Higher Self

17 - Identifying and Eliminating Your Energy Leaks

18 - Where do you block your desires from flowing

19 - How your expectations shape your reality

20 - How to Commit to Yourself to Find Your Soul Purpose

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