Soul Illuminations

FREE 3-day transcendent experience

to learn about starseeds and activate your star soul

  • If you always feel like a black sheep and often find yourself stargazing.
  • You long to remember who you really are and what sacred mission you came here to accomplish.
  • And you're excited at the prospect of raising your vibration and stepping into your true power.






  • Learn about STARSEEDS: who they are and what their purpose on Earth is
  • Understand why raising your vibration is the key to remembering your starseed origins
  • Learn about the shattering process that all starseeds go through as they arrive to Earth
  • Discover what downloads are, why they happen and what you can experience when they come
  • Learn the 3-step process that I received from my Star Family that helps starseeds awaken and remember who they are. 
  • Experience one powerful heart healing and one transcendent longevity code activation that will lay foundations to your remembering and owning of your starseed soul.
  • And much more!

I can't wait to share this powerful 3-day experience with you, from my starseed soul to yours!

And if you don't know me yet - hello there! I'm Maria. I'm a druid from Onyx star and I'm here to help other starseeds awaken, remember who they are and step into their sacred mission on Earth!

You hold the blueprint to the most fulfilling and meaningful life inside you! All you need to do is remember who you really are!

It's your move...

Ready to Activate Your Star Soul?

Feedback from my beautiful participants!

During the meditation, I couldn’t stop crying. When you said to see the shell around our heart, I couldn’t see it but I looked elsewhere and the wall I had was a thick shell around my entire being rather than just around the heart. It was keeping everyone out and looked like it had sharp little spikes on the outside. I didn’t realize i was so bitter about being hurt. The heart chakra itself was originally dark and completely closed though. Once we began healing, it burst open and it was like a bright ray of green energy was coming from my chest. Really beautiful, thank you for helping me with that. I’ve been trying to get the energy blockage out. I think there’s still more that needs to be done, but that helped immensely. Much gratitude

MIR Elisabeth

Just a few minutes into the meditation I saw myself as a very pale tall being floating in the universe in front of a huge planetary size ball that radiated beautiful purple energy. My hair was long and white and radiant and I saw the face as well. But what was most striking was the overwhelming feeling of pure happiness and... I cannot really describe it but it almost seemed like too much for my heart to handle and I just wanted to hold on to it for as long as possible because it was pure delight.

anika smolka

I had tears running down the entire time feeling and seeing my heart with thorns. Also I saw my higher self healing and doing reiki with compassion and love and it made me cry even more 😭 tears of cleansing

sophia bosok

I ended with smile.on my face, a.lot of space in my body and it's light. I've had strong shivers through out all the meditation. At first I was so deeply moved, wanted to cry,. On the end was "seeing" pink-violet light and my body was so strait, like streaching up..Thank you so much, this is one of the most beautiful amazing meditation. Oh, and the roots.spred.widely, and the light which came up through tha center of the Earth through root chackra was so srong whith almost electric. 🙏💎☄️💫

sabina s. satia

There was a slight pain when I was tapping on the ribcage points after some time of continuous tapping... now I'm feeling lot of blood rush and warmth at those points. I could feel the energies and release.. and felt very light after the meditation.. sure I will be more observant and accordingly proceed.. thank you so much 🙏

Harish G.

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