Soul Illuminations

3-day transcendent experience

to learn about starseeds and activate your star soul

Welcome, beautiful soul!

I'm very excited to see you here! And I can't wait for you to start your personal journey into the depths of you soul to remember who you really are! I hope you will enjoy these 3 days that we get to spend together and you'll come out of it more self-aware, more illuminated, with a heart wide open and armed with knowledge that will help you continue your self-discovery journey!

Dive in and enjoy!

Day 1


DaY 3

additional Q&A session

Ready to take the next steP?

If you'd like to continue your inner journey of remembering who you really are, where you come from and what your sacred mission on this Earth is, I'd love to guide you through it inside my Awaken&Rise program!

8-week online program to help you awaken, remember your startseed origin and embrace your sacred mission on Earth.

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