Sacred Gifts Awakening

Everything is stored in your subconscious.

All your wounds.
All your repressed or suppressed emotions.
As well as all your gifts and your untapped magic.
The deeper you dive into your sacred inner temple, the more you'll know yourself oh so intimately.

The more you'll be connected to your purpose.
And the more freedom you will experience on every level. ?
Because ultimately, nothing can imprison your soul except your own mind.
And nothing can heal you deeper than confronting what you've been hiding in the shadows of your subconscious.

For 36 years of my life I didn't know who I was and what I was capable of.

And I spent these years wandering around, questioning myself a lot, not really knowing why I was here and what I was supposed to do with my life.

I was absolutely sure there was nothing really special about me and my life reflected that view I had of myself. 

My business wasn't really doing well.

My sense of self-worth was really low.

My inner dialogue was truly horrible.

Until one day, I decided to muster the courage to look deep inside me and find the answers that my soul wanted me to see for so long.
And it changed my life forever!

Terrified of what I might find ("what if I have no gifts at all?"), I dove into the depths of my subconscious mind and came out on the other side knowing and fully owning all my sacred gifts.

Knowing for the first time with 100% clarity who and how I'm supposed to serve on this Earth.

It's such an empowering feeling! And would love you to experience it as well because I know it will change your life too!


They are all part of who you are.

And the more you're being YOU, the more your gifts can shine through.
But very often, due to past hurt, who you are is split into multiple facets inside you.
Each one carrying its own burden and its own gifts.
Each one playing its role in helping you navigate this world.
Each one living separately inside you without your conscious awareness.
Sometimes, these parts hide and work from the shadows.
Sometimes, they are so busy dealing with pain that they can't use their gifts.
Sometimes, they even remain dormant if for whatever reason you label them unacceptable.
And very often, they are totally uncoordinated.
How strongly you're connected to your sacred gifts will depend on how many parts of you you've discovered, acknowledged and integrated.

The more you're shattered and the more your parts are disconnected from each other, the less you'll be aware of your powers.

The more you bring them together and allow them to become one again, the more you'll feel whole and in tune with your sacred gifts.

And that's exactly what Sacred Gifts Awakening Session is about!

  • Accessing an altered state in which you bypass all your conscious limitations and speak directly to your subconscious.
  • Finding all the hidden aspects of yourself that you buried, repressed, left behind out of shame, or never even knew existed.
  • Healing and welcoming them back wholeheartedly for the first time and accepting the gifts they've always been carrying.
  • Integrating on a deep soul level so that you can finally own who you are and the beautiful gifts that were bestowed on you by the source.
  • Coming out of it as a completely different, whole and luminous being, ready to change the world finally being your authentic self.

You will feel empowered and unstoppable.
You will finally feel balanced and whole.
Your energy level will go sky-high.
And you will FEEL and KNOW that you can do absolutely anything!

Are your ready to know yourself and deeply transform from within?

This session is for you if you:

  • Have enough courage and curiosity to look deep within.
  • Feel you have many gifts but you lost touch with them due to your wounds.
  • Long to make an impact on this Earth and ready to embrace your superpowers that will help you do that.
  • Know that you love yourself enough to finally discover who you are at your core and reclaim your worth.

If that speaks to your soul, book your spot below!

I know that you hold inside you some very special gifts that will benefit everyone whose life you touch. Allow yourself to uncover them!

Much love, Maria

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