12-week group program to help you know who you are, remember your purpose, own your magic and choose a business fully aligned with your soul.  So that you can start making an impact and income doing what you love!

Welcome, beautiful soul!

I'm super excited for you! You're about to start an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-mastery! So that you can access and own your magic, remember your purpose and create your soul-aligned business to start changing people's lives and earning money being who you truly are and using your beautiful gifts. 

And I can't wait to see where it will bring you!

Below you will find all our sessions. I'll be uploading them here as we progress so you can always come to this page to re-watch whatever you want or catch up on the sessions that you missed live.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this powerful program and create for yourself a life you truly desire to live!

Session 1 - It all starts with you

Session 2 - Your Flaws are Your Superpower

Session 3 - Forgiving Yourself for Your Past Mistakes

Session 4 - Reclaiming your sense of self-worth

Session 5 - You're uniquely amazingly gifted

Session 6 - From mind to heart - Intuition and self-trust

Session  7 - What makes you come alive

Session 8 - Being led by your desires

Session 9 - Remembering your Purpose

Session  10 - Your Soul-Aligned Business

Session 11 - Boundaries&standards +  doing your biz your way

Session 12 - Stepping into your purpose and power

Session  13 - Authentic Leadership & Soulful Sales

Session 14 - Abundance Blueprint & Money flow

Session 15 - Q&A and Celebrating your journey

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