Journey To Wholeness

a self-paced healing program to remember who you truly are, reclaim your power and dramatically improve your life 

You're here because you want to heal!

From rejection, abandonment, betrayal, humiliation.

From never finding your place in this world and feeling lonely.

From deeply emotional traumatic experiences you went through in your childhood that shaped the way you see yourself, others and the world.

You're here to feel whole, remember who you truly are and finally reclaim your power. So that you can create the life you've always wanted to live!

When you go through life feeling powerless, broken, and wounded, it can seem like a constant struggle for survival.

  • Maybe you jump from one wrong relationship to another starting to think that you'll never find true love.
  • Maybe you're stuck in an abusive or toxic relationship and can't find the strength in you to get out of it.
  • Or you've been so lonely for so long that you don't even remember what it feels like to have a deep connection with someone.
  • Maybe your career is nowhere near where you wanted it to be by this point in your life or you feel stuck in the wrong job.
  • Maybe you struggle with your health, have addictions and constantly sabotage yourself every time you try to make any improvement.

Deep inside, you feel undeserving, unlovable, empty, terrified of being hurt. You keep asking yourself "What's wrong with me?" And the outside world keeps reflecting it all back at you. Over and over. So you go from one hurtful experience to another wondering why it keeps happening. And thus reaffirm your core broken beliefs more and more and more.

Our soul wounds affect us so deeply. They make you see yourself as small, useless, broken, insignificant, worthless. They create stories in your mind that disconnect you from the truth of who you really are. That disconnect you from your Soul.

But they are not the truth. And they don't need to define you.

You weren't born this way. And you are not broken. Your stories are!

Your True Self that's always inside you knows the truth - that you're valuable, powerful, lovable, beautiful, oh so worthy of all the good that the world has to offer! 

All you need to do is connect back to her!

And I'm here to be your guide!


You can heal, re-connect to your soul and come back to your authentic self!

You can transform from a powerless broken victim into a majestic Warrior 

You can feel safe and grounded inside yourself!

You can feel whole, worthy, lovable and unstoppable!

You can create magical changes in your life!

You ABSOLUTELY can have amazing relationships, career, love and health that you desire to have!

All of that, just in a space of several months!

That's why I created Journey To Wholeness!

It's time to heal your wounds, rewrite your stories, and learn to be loving, accepting and compassionate towards yourself to dramatically improve your life!

  • 12 powerful trainings + insight and healing
  • guided journeys to plunge deep into your soul  
  • my support via messenger
  • amazing community of like-minded people
  •  your entire life changing!
  • access to program for life

Are you ready to dive in?

There are 3 core stages on your soul wounds healing journey:

  • Awareness
  • Compassion
  • Change

And that's what we're going to work through, step-by-step, during our amazing time together.

Here's what I'll be covering:

  • re-programming victim consciousness
  • letting go of the barriers to healing
  • connecting back to your feelings
  • taming destructive self-talk
  • traveling back in time to find your wounds
  • healing your inner child
  • rewriting your wounded stories
  • relearning compassion and forgiveness
  • creating nurturing rituals
  • integrating your lost soul fragments
  • creating your new philosophy for life 
  • and so much more!

This is going to be magical, empowering and deeply restorative!

"My journey with Maria"

Let me tell you about it. Maria is a compassionate and intuitive young woman with multiple healing gifts to offer. We were able to create awareness with an issue I have carried within me for a long time. In my body and spirit, it felt like being constricted - as if I had ropes around me and I was trapped. For me, it seemed as if this was the outside world doing this to me and all I could do was respond. In Maria's and my conversation, this limitation started to change from victimization to empowerment. By the end of our work, it was like the ropes fell away and my energy expanded. It feels so much better knowing my unconscious assumption that created this limiting belief about myself. Now I can begin to put out new energies to begin creating my desired situation.

- Carol Seddon

This amazing journey to wholeness is for you if:

- You're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

- You're done with things not working wherever you look.

- You're ready to take responsibility for your life.

- You want to feel worthy, enough, whole and grounded.

- You want to break toxic repetitive patterns in your life and create positive change.

- You want to find your soul partner, find passion in you career, improve your health and rediscover pure joy in your life.

- You want to feel your inner power and be unstoppable.

Imagine the possibilities that await you if you stepped into the world fully healed knowing how to embody your worth, speak your truth, manage difficulties with grace and compassion,  love yourself unconditionally and be fully yourself, proudly, no matter what!

If you know in your soul that this is for you, book your spot, get ready to do the inner work and watch your whole life changing in front of your eyes in the next 12 weeks!

And you can do it for only 497 EUR or 3 easy payments of 190 EUR!

"I have no words..."

"To say that I was terrified to do the work that Maria suggested I needed to do to heal would be a huge understatement! I felt broken and unworthy for so long that I couldn't see how I could ever feel whole again. Maria's gentle approach helped me slowly unwrap the layers of all my wounded beliefs that I wasn't even aware of. And little by little, I started noticing how I changed. Now, several week into the journey, I feel so much more like myself again, I've come back to some of my childhood passions and they feed my soul so much! I've stopped being a scared little girl who needs to be saved and I'm slowly discovering what it feels like to finally be connected to my soul. I'm so excited to see the changes that will happen at the end of this amazing journey!

- Caroline Schmitt

"This program changed my life!"

I want to share with you how amazingly my life changed since I followed the soul healing journey with Maria inside her Journey To Wholeness program.
I began this year with funerals, sadness and feeling completely stuck in my life and depressed. However, I'm lucky enough to have good friends around me and one of them added me to the group of Maria. That’s where I found out about the program. At the beginning I was sceptical because I tried many things to improve my life, but nothing really worked. But then I felt something attracted me there and I decided to get in.
After 3 months of ups and downs, guess what? Today I opened my own business. I’m feeling great and I’m putting myself 1st which is definitely the best thing that I’ve ever learned. My friends encouraged me and are still here even more than before. My relationship with my family also improved a lot, which is just amazing after living the same way for more than 20 years.
Today I am myself for real and I feel greatly appreciated and just amazing. I really want to warmly thank Maria and also the other girls of the group for the support and the journey. If you’re on the fence whether to join the program or not, don’t hesitate! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself because it changed my life and the way I feel about myself. And I wish to all of you to feel the same!!!????

- Alexandra Vozniuk

"I still can't believe how much more rooted I feel"

I have just finished Maria Katolikova's Journey to Wholeness and I can only recommend anyone of you to do it too, if you feel stuck in your life somehow.
There were so many aha-moments throughout this journey inside my mind, it was unbelievable. It is all supported and triggered by a lot of helpful input, meditations and visualisations and once you get past them and working through some pain, you can truly let go and come back to who you are and were supposed to be all along.
I still can't believe how much more rooted I feel and since the beginning of the journey I have set up many healthy boundaries, healed a lot of old wounds, have gathered much more self-love and value for myself and am just going for what I want in a clear and straight line.
I am really grateful for this experience and the new freedom that I have reached.
Thanks again, Maria, for making all of this happen and giving all your loving support within our small group. ?

- Michele Heusbourg

You know deep inside that you deserve to live the life you've always dreamt about. You know you want to rediscover joy and feel whole! So choose yourself over fear and surrender to this powerful journey of healing!


Your new life is waiting for you on the other side of this soul healing journey. And I'm so honoured to be your guide!

Much love, healing and support to you!


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