5-week 1-on-1 program to free you 

from past hurt and open you to love


When your heart is open.

When you feel good about relationships.

When you feel safe trusting other people.

It flows.

But when you close yourself down because of past hurt.

When you say you want to find love but you feel terrified of being burnt again.

When you see relationships as an inconvenience that will take so much of your personal time.

Or as a compromise in which you're bound to sacrifice something.

You stop the flow.

But it's always in your power to open yourself back up at any moment.

The more you allow yourself to heal in order to feel good about love, relationships and a soul mate, the faster you'll open yourself up to love and magnetise a loving relationship.

And that's what this powerful program is all about!

Imagine what would change for you if you could release all your past trauma that has made most or all of your relationships a mess?

And now imagine that you could heal from all this trauma in just 5 weeks!

From being attacked, raped, bullied, betrayed, cheated on, or anything else that shocked your system.

And release all the emotional charge, trauma-based behaviour and accompanying beliefs that you still carry inside you because of this trauma!
That you've been carrying for years!
You can free yourself from all that baggage.
In just 5 weeks!

FREED makes it possible thanks to a potent combination of mind, body and soul work techniques that will help you release the grip of trauma on your life and finally feel free, confident, empowered and worthy of love.

Together we'll have 5 1-on-1 sessions during which we will dive deep into the emotional, mental and energetic blocks that you currently have that stop love from flowing into your life. We will remove them one by one so that your heart is fully open to love.
And so that you can become a perfect match to the loving energy that's always available and let it flow into your life!

  • You will heal on a very deep level
  • You will feel free and expanded.
  • You will drop all the fears around relationships.
  • You'll feel more like yourself
  • You will feel more trust towards people around you.
  • You will remove the wall around your heart and let love flow through it.
  • You'll feel worthy of love.
  • You'll become a match to a loving relationship you're looking for!

If you're fully committed to healing and living an amazing love full of love, laughter, joy and deep connection to others.

And if you're open-minded and not afraid to try something different.

Then this program is for you! 

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