Dark Night

Of the Soul

A powerful 2.5-hour workshop to help you navigate your Dark Night of the Soul with more ease & grace.


Because The Dark Night Of The Soul Is ALL About That!

It's an intense period during which your old self is dying but your new self isn't born yet.

It's a beautiful but terrifying void.
If you're unprepared for it, it can be VERY challenging and can easily lead to depression, anxiety, or a breakdown, majorly affecting your ability to function in the world.

But when you know how to navigate it, it transforms into a beautiful unfolding experience that helps you blossom more and more into who you really are.

And that's what I'm diving into in this powerful workshop.


We'll cover:

  • The healing power of surrender
  • Leaning into your emotions
  • Creating space for the birth of your new self
  • Is ego death necessary?
  • How to make the whole process smoother.
  • Feeling better and better as you emerge from your cocoon.

You'll also experience a powerful meditation that will bring your soul an instant sense of relief and inner peace that I know you're craving right now.

You'll feel more peaceful, more empowered, armed with the understanding of what you're going through and more open to this beautiful process of awakening.

You'll come out of this workshop with precious tools and knowledge that will help you go through that stage with more ease and grace so that you can allow more of your inner light to awaken.

The workshop is available instantly upon signing up as a recording.

Investment: 60 EUR

If you want to turn adversity into personal growth. 

If you desire to harness your inner strength and resilience.

If you'd love to navigate your Dark Night Of the Soul with more ease.

Then this workshop is for you.