Awaken & Rise

8-week online program to help you awaken, remember your startseed origin and embrace your sacred mission on Earth.

I'm calling all beings of light who are ready to awaken and rise!

Are you ready to step into the truth of who you are?
To heal on a deeper level and awaken the light you have inside?
To make an impact you came here to make?
To follow your soul to magical places it's calling you?

Are you ready to remember your star origin and step into your sacred mission?

If you've always felt like an alien on Earth and had a longing to go back home, but don't know where home is, you're a starseed. And it's time to remember where you come from!

But not so you can go back! But rather so that you can embrace your beautiful starseed nature, remember your sacred gifts and step up your game because you came here for a reason!

You came here to assist humanity in their ascension process.

You volunteered to help because you're such a beautiful, pure, highly evolved being! And in order to be able to incarnate in a 3D body, you agreed to lower your frequency by shattering your soul and forgetting who you really are.

But you can remember!

All you need to do is allow yourself to raise your vibration so that your soul can fully come back and you can access all its beautiful wisdom and gifts.

Everything you need has always been inside you, dear one! And you hold the key to unlock your true potential!


The Earth is ascending and your help is needed so much right now! 

So if you feel the call to finally awaken, remember your truth and start doing the work you came here to do, I invite you to take this journey with me!

I created Awaken & Rise to guide you through it.

Let me share with you the full starseed awakening process.

The key to everything is raising your vibration so that your star soul can be fully downloaded into your human body.

And this happens in 3 Stages.

Stage 1  - Healing Your Human Vessel

Its' all about healing your mental, emotional and physical body from the wounds you've incurred so that it can finally welcome your star soul.

I'll guide you through 5 important steps of your healing:

  • Heart Healing and Opening - so that you can connect to your Higher Self and open up to the Spirit realm to receive its guidance and wisdom
  • Self-love and self-acceptance - so that you can become devoted to yourself and allow yourself time, energy and space to go through your beautiful awakening journey
  • Self-trust - so that you can trust the answers you get from within and follow your intuitive nudges.
  • Self-worth - so that you can acknowledge and own your uniqueness and your gifts
  • Cleansing your physical body - to assist yourself in raising your vibration and letting light in.

Stage 2 - Activating Sacred Codes

This stage is about freeing you from collective human consciousness programming and replacing it with the Universal sacred codes and wisdom of light.

We'll activate 5 sacred codes using 5 elements of nature:

  • Longevity Code - so that you can overcome the fear of death, awaken your self-healing ability and stop struggling for survival
  • Freedom Code - so that you can release the need to conform to societal standards and realise how much choice and power you always have.
  • Abundance Code - so that you can release lack mentality and feel that you are abundance and it is everywhere.
  • Phoenix Code - so that you can burn everything that doesn't belong in your being and resurrect yourself to embrace your true power.
  • Stellar Code - so that you can awaken your creativity and boundless self-expression through connection to the Divine.

Stage 3 - Connection and Remembrance

This stage is the culmination of all the work you've done so far in raising your vibration and opening yourself to the divine.

Here you will finally get in touch with everything you really are:

  • You'll open up to oneness and feel what it truly means to be connected to the entire universe.
  • You'll remember your starseed origins and get in touch with your unique gifts
  • You'll remember your sacred mission and take ownership of the work you're here to do.
  • You'll get in touch with your star family and ask for the guidance and assistance you feel you need to receive from them.
  • You will fully awaken to who you really are and start realigning all the areas of your life with your true self and your beautiful mission here on Earth.

Here's what's included: 

  • 8 weeks of trainings inside the intimate group of starseeds just like you
  • 5 powerful healing ceremonies  
  • 5 transcendental activations
  • guided journeys to enter an altered state of consciousness to unlock your highest potential 
  • amazing community of like-minded people
  •  your entire life changing!
  • access to this amazing program for life

Are you ready to dive in?

Where I come from, we live in perfect harmony with nature!

And we abundantly use its gifts to live our lives in the most fulfilled way.

I'm a druid and I have an amazing gift of siphoning the magic of the 5 natural elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether and the energies of cosmos - to assist others in healing and awakening. And that is the basis of all the work that I will be doing with you, beautiful soul!

If this resonates with your soul and you feel the call to walk this journey with me, I invite you to say YES to your starseed soul and take the plunge!

All the videos are recorded and accessible inside the dedicated FB group.

Your Investment in Awaken&Rise

Special Offer

(for Soul Illuminations Participants only)

One-time payment

777  555 EUR

(value 1,250 EUR)

For more payment options, please email me at [email protected]

You are a Starseed!
You didn't come here to fit in and conform.
You came here to LEAD THE WAY.
To share your light, healing and magic and help humanity ascend.

You see a different way of how things can be.
You know the power of your own vibration.
You can sense where changes are needed the most.
You can easily polarise people with your opinions because they are out of this world!
Your have no idea how powerful and limitless you are!
All you need to do is remember.
And I would be honoured to guide you on your journey and help you finally step into your most authentic self.


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