7-day Virtual Spiritual Retreat to Step into Your True Limitless Power 

Hello, beautiful soul!

Are you an avid seeker of truth, deeper knowledge and self-mastery?

Do you feel deep down that there's so much more to life than just the physical dimension?

Do you feel called to explore the unknown and the mystical to radically transform your life and the world around you?

Then you're a Spiritual Warrior, dear one! 


To fight ignorance and fear with love, light and truth you carry in your heart.

To assist human race in its awakening and elevate collective consciousness. 

And this 7-day spiritual retreat is for you!


7 days, 7 sacred ceremonies

to expand your consciousness, 

heal on a very deep level,

plug into your Higher Self

And elevate your frequency to experience rapid transformation and soul evolution.

We're at the pivotal moment in the history of Earth. The old Earth is being destroyed. But the new one is yet to be born. And you're the catalyst of the change, vision for which you hold in your heart and want to bring into this world. 

But before you can do that, you need to fully awaken to your true divine nature, own your sacred powers laying dormant inside and step onto your Spiritual Warrior Path. And for that, you need to transcend lower vibrational beliefs, fears and attachments and anchor in your higher consciousness even though you're still living in a physical human form.

Rapid expansion happens when you start tapping into higher frequencies!

And if you're ready to heal and expand so that you can:

  • Own your beautiful divine gifts and soar into your full potential
  • Remember and start living your soul purpose
  • Experience true freedom and abundance
  • Be fully aligned with your path and trust your intuition to guide you
  • Make an impact being 100% unfiltered YOU
  • Spread your healing and your message in a powerful way

then I invite you to say "YES" to this powerful journey!

Hello, I'm Maria!

Starseed, Druid, Spiritual Warrior, Soul Guide and Healer.

I awakened to who I truly am in summer 2021 as a result of years of inner work and a profound ayahuasca experience that brought forth my true liberation. I finally stepped into my sacred mission here that I was denying to myself for years due to fear and self-doubt. I was stuck in lower vibrations for years and I allowed lack of self-worth, inner blockages, negative past experiences and emotions that they created in me influence my way of living. And I can see today how easy it is to get lost in these feelings and never become who you're meant to be.

So I'm bringing to you this magical, deeply transformative 7-day experience to help you heal on a deep level, raise your vibration, transcend negativity, attune yourself to higher universal frequencies and release all the ties that hold you down and keep you small.

All of it with one purpose in mind.

To help you fully awaken to who you are!

So that you can finally step into your sacred mission too.

And so that you can start creating change you're meant to create in this world.

What to expect from this 7-day spiritual retreat.

Experience profound healing by tapping into the Quantum Field

There are  limitless possibilities for healing and growth available to us when we connect to the quantum field. Self-actualisation requires healing and mastering the energy of your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. So that you stop being caught up in the drama of the Earthly Plane, stop being triggered by situations due to unresolved inner issues and finally free yourself to be who you truly are and manifest easily the life you want to live. Quantum field is a dimension outside time and space where change can happen instantly. And you can go back to it over and over to keep healing and freeing yourself. It's a truly magical space!

Release trapped and suppressed emotions from past trauma

When it comes to past hurts, our body always keeps the score. A lot of emotions that you felt when you were going through hard moments in your life often get trapped inside you without your conscious awareness. They keep festering in there and affecting you on various levels, making you make decisions from a very disempowered space. Stuck emotions are the source of all the major triggers you've ever experienced and the reason why your awakening might be slow. 

When you allow yourself to get to know your body better, explore various sensations that it always communicates to you and let it express itself, you can finally set yourself free and soar.  

Awaken and integrate your Sacred Gifts

All your gifts and all your magic are stored inside you. The deeper you dive into your sacred inner temple, the more you'll know yourself. And the more you're being YOU, the more your gifts can shine through.
But very often, due to past hurt, who you are is split into multiple facets inside you. And they can be totally uncoordinated.
How strongly you're connected to your sacred gifts will depend on how many parts of you you've discovered, acknowledged and integrated. 

The more you bring them together and allow them to become one again, the more you'll feel whole and in tune with your sacred gifts.

Open, Align and Charge up your chakras through Nordic Chants

You need energy to accomplish great things and fulfil your purpose. Your chakras allow your life force to flow freely in your body. When they are fully open, aligned and attuned to cosmic frequencies, you feel alive, empowered and limitless. You can heal yourself easily, speak your truth openly, manifest anything that you desire, travel to different dimensions and ascend rapidly. But when they are closed, you feel stuck, trapped in fear, lacking creativity and personal power and generally very low and tired.

That is why chakra work is very important on your ascension journey. We will use the magic of ancient chants to access an altered state of mind in which your consciousness is expanded and tapped into Oneness, to bring your chakras back into balance and attune them to the powerful cosmic energy.

Meet your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides

Your Higher Self is the essence of who you are, the source of your wisdom and inner guidance. And your Spirit Guides are your biggest supporters and helpers on your awakening journey.

When you're fully connected to both, your power is multiplied! You can make soul-lead decisions, get answers to any questions you have when you find yourself in doubt, ask assistance in healing and remembering your purpose on this Earth and live a life of flow.

Connection to your Higher Self, your power and your truth is what Ascension is about. And it happens when you let go of ties that bind you to lower frequencies and allow yourself to recognise and accept your divine eternal nature.

You're here to change the world by expressing yourself fully. It's time!

Remember your sacred soul purpose

You probably feel it deep in your bones that you're here not just to have a boring job to pay your bills and buy material things.

You're here to enjoy and experience life in its fullness, bring your light into this world and share your ways and your truth. But it can be tricky sometimes to understand what exactly you're supposed to be doing.

Knowing your soul purpose will give you a sense of direction, a much sharper focus and an understanding of what truly matters and what is secondary in your life.

The more you're living your purpose, the more fulfilling your life will be because you will be contributing to something much bigger than yourself and helping others in a meaningful way. And that is priceless.

These are the amazing things you can expect!


Because that's what ASCENSION is all about!

Are you open to experience spiritual transformation?

Are you ready to shed your old self and embrace your true self?

To elevate your vibrational frequency and deeply connect with your sacred gifts?

And evolve and expand your mind, body and soul?

So that you can finally create and start living a life of purpose, true abundance, inner peace and freedom?

I love working from an altered state of mind - a state in which your consciousness is expanded tenfold and you have a direct access to your subconscious mind as well as the collective consciousness. That's where true magic can happen and when change is truly profound. Throughout the 7 days that we will spend together, most of the work will be done from this magical elevated state.

And if you're wondering whether you can get there, don't worry, I will guide you!

This retreat is an immersive, deep-dive experience! It's not just about me teaching you things because, you know, knowledge without implementation is pretty useless.

More than anything it's about me guiding you to do the REAL DEEP WORK that will transform you.

And about plunging into a powerful energy vortex that will elevate everyone inside.

You will walk away with a profound sense of major inner shift having taken place AND a priceless collection of beautiful practices that will not only spark profound changes during the retreat, but will help you continue unfolding and unlocking your limitless potential as you keep going through your life.

Here are the 7 sacred ceremonies that we will perform together during this magical week.

Day 1 - Sacred Nordic Chants for Chakras Alignment and Attunement.

It is our opening ceremony and it's very profound and important. It lays ground for everything we're going to do for the next 7 days.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Clear energy blocks and allow your energy to flow freely to amplify your psychic senses. 
  • Connect you to the cosmic energy and fully activate your light body for future travels and expansion.
  • Open your healing and manifestations channels.
  • Drastically raise you vibration by tapping into higher vibrations of unconditional love, pure creation, abundance, beauty and infinite possibilities.
  • Plug into your deep "I" state, the foundation of your being, a sacred deity within to feel empowered and liberated.

Day 2 - Somatic Breathwork for Deep Emotional Release

This ceremony is focused on releasing any emotional or mental blocks that you hold inside you and that are stopping you from fully connecting to your higher self and your sacred mission on Earth.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Experience a powerful release of negative energy from past trauma that you've been storing for years.
  • Expand your self-awareness tenfold.
  • Let go of stuck emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you small and unable to move forward.
  • Feel truly cathartic sensations inside your entire being as you release DMT inside your brain, set yourself free and break ties with the past.
  • Tap into your higher consciousness and ask for your own intuitive guidance as to what the next chapter of your journey looks like.

Day 3 - Quantum Field Healing

Powerful guided journey into the Quantum Field to help you experience profound healing on a cellular level.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Deeply heal yourself of past trauma and unwind repetitive patterns.
  • Spark your intuitive abilities and creativity.
  • Receive downloads, ideas, insights.
  • Unlock success in all your endeavors.
  • Raise your frequency permanently.
  • Multiply your manifesting power and program your mind for love and abundance.

Day 4 - Ecstatic Dancing 

This is one of my favourite ceremonies because it allows you to get to know your body and then release the wild, witchy, liberated dark goddess part of your being that is so juicy and so alive.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Get deeply in touch with your sacred internal self and create a sense of safety inside your body.
  • Connect to your emotions and powerfully release them through movement and self-expression.
  • Express through dance what you can't express in words.
  • Bring the unknown parts of yourself from the shadows into the light.
  • Re-wild the body, mend the mind, open your heart and connect to your soul.
  • Abandon self-consciousness and self-judgement and let love and acceptance flow through you.

Day 5 - Sacred Gifts Awakening

This guided journey will build up directly on the previous day as you're going to communicate with the parts of you that you've brought into the light and also meet other parts that stayed hidden. You're going to ask them to reveal their gifts to you and then integrate them fully and irrevocable into your being.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Bypass all your conscious limitations and speak directly to your subconscious and reveal deep truths about yourself.
  • Find all the hidden aspects of yourself that you buried, repressed, left behind out of shame, or never even knew existed.
  • Heal and welcome them back wholeheartedly for the first time and accept the gifts they've always been carrying.
  • Integrate on a deep soul level so that you can finally own who you are and the beautiful gifts that were bestowed on you by the source.
  • Feel whole, luminous, peaceful and ready to change the world finally being your authentic self.

Day 6 - Meeting Your Higher Self and Your Spirit Guide(s).

This ceremony is truly sacred because that's when you'll be able to truly embrace who you are, discover your purpose and ask guidance on how your path is to be unfolded.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Meet your Higher Self and your primary Spirit Guide and learn their name.
  • Uncover your purpose and your sacred mission here on Earth.
  • Receive messages and clear divine guidance on whatever questions you currently have.
  • Release any remaining blocks to living the life you want to live
  • Activate the energy of a Spiritual Warrior and Leader inside your being to continue your journey confidently and with full trust in yourself.

Day 7 - Embodiment and Integration

The final ceremony is super important because it will allow you to ground yourself and anchor all the inner changes that you've experienced so that they can translate into real changes in your life. And so that magic can finally start happening.

Benefits of this ceremony.

  • Ground all the changes you've experienced in your body so that they become part of you.
  • Reflect and decide on how your future is going to unfold 
  • Help your mind fully process and integrate all the spiritual uplifting you've experienced
  • Let your newly found high energy settle inside your body
  • Look back and celebrate all the breakthrough you've experienced

7 days, 7 recorded sacred ceremonies available to you for life! Your entire inner world shifting, opening you up to limitless possibilities in the outer world.

Are your ready to expand your consciousness and become the leader you were born to be to create a better world?

Join this 7-day journey today if you:

  • Want to heal deeply and move past old limiting and toxic patterns to set yourself free.
  • Feel you have a purpose on this Earth that's already been calling you for awhile and you want to know what it is.
  • Already know your purpose but you feel blocked and you're not living it yet.
  • Are ready for a rapid transformation and growth.
  • Want to be fully tapped in to Higher Frequencies and transcend limitations of your mind.
  • Ready to let go of your fears, negative talk and self-doubts and dial up your sense of self-trust, confidence and self-love.
  • Want to create a sense of peace and serenity inside you.
  • Want to awaken the energy of the Leader inside you and powerfully spread your message.
  • Long to help others and make an impact and ready to embrace your superpowers that will help you do that.
  • Want to connect with a spiritual family of beings on the same journey as you are.

You're here to change the world by being RAW UNFILTERED YOU!

You're here to enjoy life and experience it in all its beauty and fullness.

To explore the vast magical Universe within.

To rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of everything you've been through.

You're the one you've been waiting for!

Your fear is the invitation to rise and confront the demons that's been keeping you small and hidden.

Release the breaks and press play!

If that speaks to your soul, dear Spiritual Warrior,

book your spot below and let's ASCEND together!

Much love, healing and support


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