7-day Virtual Spiritual Retreat to Step into Your True Limitless Power 

Welcome, beautiful soul!

I'm very excited for you! You're about to start an amazing journey of healing, awakening and transformation. And I can't wait to see where it will bring you!

Below you will find your daily ceremonies. If you're doing this retreat for the first time, I recommend you do them in order. And later on, you can always come back and repeat some of the ceremonies if you feel like doing so!

Dive in and enjoy!

Day 1 - Nordic Chanting

Day 2 - Somatic Breathwork

Day 3 - Quantum Healing

Day 4 - Ecstatic Dancing

Day 5 - Sacred Gifts Awakening

Day 6 - Meeting Your Higher Self and Your Spirit Guide

Day 7 - Embodiment and Integration

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